FINALE – Chess tournament


  1. Chess has become the most enjoyable sport for me in this lockdown… After football of course…

  2. Happiest birthday Samay Bhaiya….❤

  3. bhai ye finale wala gandu kitna irritating hai, making weird noises

  4. Knight g5 and queen to h7 was mate for Kunal for such a long time but he never found the move otherwise it was over much sooner.

  5. moment pe moment pura ka puara stream high light se kam nahi

  6. It's been almost a year and COB has gone so far and so professional.

  7. Watching this stream after cob5 shows how much the quality of chess and stream has been improved ❤️🔥

  8. When Samay and Biswa said 'Hagg diya Akash ne' it showed Akash level was way ahead of them at that time.

  9. Bhai Nostalgia hits hard as this came in my feed today.

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