FINALE: Hikaru Awaits The Winner Of Danya, Alireza & Sam For Crown! Bullet Chess Championship 2024

The Bullet Chess Championship is’s most elite bullet event! 16 of the world’s fastest chess players compete to see who’s the best bullet player in the world. Four qualified players have joined 12 top invited players to compete in a $100,000 double-elimination bracket! This year’s event features Hikaru (4x champion), Firouzja (1x champion), Nihal, Naroditsky, Giri, Vachier-Lagrave, Praggnanandhaa, Caruana, and more!


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  1. Where is Wesley So havent seen him in a while?

  2. How is it fair that when Alireza has a Streak Hikaru can just take a 15min break? like wtf happend there.

  3. Great Alireza you exposed this LOSER

  4. Wow, I never expected for Hikaru to be humilliated. Ali is a monster in the board

  5. Who put these two biased Hikaru fanboys as commentator btw?? Alireza cooked everyone tonight lol. Congrats young lad, now its time for you to be the chosen one as Magnus said

  6. Pls do not invite Bok next time ❤

  7. To be totally honest when we look at Hikaru final reaction, it's quite clear he doesn't care.

  8. hahaha loosing all along hahaha eat that

  9. Nothing better than seeing this painfully obnoxious low life being put in the dirt. Firouzja was the better player by some distance. Hikaru trying to employ his usual dirt tactics of insulting the player and disrupting the match didn't work. And then we have Danny Rensch calling Hikaru a "class act" on Twitter. Utterly pathetic behaviour.

  10. Why is that Aman Hambelton put Firouzja dawn all the time" Sam Sevian is much better than him , Daniel is much better than him and off course Hikaru is from another planet " Firouzja never get credit even after winning championship

  11. Jeez crazy how bias the commendatory was. Glad Alireza won.

  12. Cringe ass comment section and live chat. Y'all care more about the drama instead of the actual games. Disgusting.

  13. این دو احمق را از کجا پیدا کردند .انها فکر می کنند چه خری هستند .

  14. damn hikaru been the 2nd place for almost all the tournaments he was in this year . that must be stressful

  15. Can someone provide a timestamp of the biased commentary? I’m curious

  16. Hikaru got humbled today. Chess is an amazing game. Doesn't care about your rating or age.

  17. Hikaru may have lost this final, but he will always be the undisputed holder of the Hikaru Nakamura Sportsmanship Award. And that's what really counts.

  18. This is why Magnus said what he said about Firouzja.

  19. The commentary was embarrassing pro Nakamura. Is it because Firouja is Iranian?!!

  20. Great final battle both deserved first place

  21. 2:02:30 Alireza staying after beating Danya to give him a sympathetic looking was very kind of him. I think he could see how shaken Danya was.

  22. This is the power of Iranian players ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  23. Funfact : right after alireza won the 2021 bullet championship, magnus challenged him to a bullet match and magnus beat him 43.5-23.5 or smthg like that

  24. Bok is so biased for Hikaru it is unprofessional and honestly embarrassing

  25. Better host your tournaments on lichess next time.

  26. Why is the title a spoiler? Come on wtf

  27. Oh my who’s seen Hikaru raging im very confident the commentators were aware of the situation. Unacceptable to curse at someone like that.

  28. Wow Alireza cooked world number one less than a month ago and world number two today🎉🎉

  29. 2:57:00 Hikaru complaining, cursing and disrespecting Alireza, showing his true colors. Crying like a baby.

  30. It really made me emotional when hikaru said " If I'm going down , I wanna go down with my childhood opening" in the last game

    It felt like an anime..

    Passing the torch to the next generation,the realisation that he is getting old,hikaru saying he would be rafa nadal on clay in bullet if he was young…

    Somebody make an edit out of it..😭

    I can't help myself

  31. Cant hear the commentators. Maybe because they kept on sucking Hikarus microphone.

  32. We get it comment section, you would lick the buttholes of these players. We get it.

  33. alireza beat nihal, danya , and hikaru twice. beaast of bullet

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