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  1. Dina, I admire your total honesty. You brought up the issue of how Fontaine was playing Andrea. The quick resignation was suss. That was a slap of reality we all needed. Thank you. Don't change anything about you.

  2. It's so lame using the same thumbnail of your competition for every clip

  3. Cannot understand why Dina & Hammer are so silent, so reserved when the girls come to the chat??? Hammer was enthusiastic with some great moves Andrea made. Why not tell her/them that. They deserve to be uplifted and celebrated for great games!!!

  4. Both Andrea and Alex played amazing here. Alex surprised me the most somehow

  5. Чудові дівчатка, грайливі пустуни. Хай вам щастить у житті, будьте здорові!

  6. Icelandic people set off a Volcano though haha Remember how much people hated on Iceland for that Volcano disrupting travel plans? That was so dumb.

  7. Dina and Hammer are my favorite duo hosts. They are so hilarious together.

  8. Hey im sitting here watching this in ottawa now … just heard her about her cat Ottie

  9. Very Nice Game from Andrea ! I think that You can elevate your elo soon !! 😊

  10. Ik kan tellen..ik zie hier. 1. 2 racisten. Één, twee.

  11. Maar goed
    .okay jullie kunnen schaken. en? Nou en. Dan zijn jullie niet beter.

  12. Congratulations to both ladies…
    And the coaches…

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