Florida Man WINS Chess Tournament!!

Hikaru reviews Reddit after winning St Louis Rapid and Blitz on August 23, 2021

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  1. If you said 1st you’d have to go in to a void, then make you control the matrix, so your head explodes and then your opponent en passent checkmates you. Then your drowning AND then the water pressure changes every second.
    While needing a poo but it doesn’t come out. And then you are immortal so there is an never ending loop of your brain keeps exploding, you quit chess, your organs are coming out and finally you can’t poo.

  2. Nothing better than Nikaru Hakamura reviewing memes.

  3. Hikaru the Florida man himself solos titled players while breathing and blinking on his seat.

  4. Pineapple shirt Hikaru is easily becoming world champ

  5. 7:05 " i won't fall for this trap "
    *proceeds to fall in the trap lol

  6. That’s cool and all but did you know bungee gum contains both rubber and gum

  7. It's 4am. Im a normal guy, I see the notification of a Hikaru's video
    I click and watch it

  8. Hikaru Nakamura and Gojo Satoru: Fuuusion..
    Hikaru Satoru: Bongcloud Technique Amplification: White. Pineapple Shirt Flex: Yellow.
    A few secs later
    Black……. Resigns..

  9. Chat when sees a meme:lol was a good one
    Hikaru sees his meme: haa haa haa haa haa haa good one man good one omg 😂

  10. When chess meets Hikaru then video comes telling Hikaru reaction to chess memes. 😂

  11. Did Hikaru always care about bad language that much? I didn't know he would want words like ''shit'' to be censored.

  12. is it really a florida man if he's wearing a mask

  13. Watched the Explained episode of chess. That was amazing

  14. Does hikaru or Anyone around here play stratego? "Strategus. appspot" is up and running !

  15. some really good ones today! Had me laughing so hard. Hikaru reddit reacts are so Pog

  16. Just a decent Florida man in pineapple shirt.

  17. Why investing on cryptos when u can invest on pineapple shirts?

  18. Ok now, come on. "Oh no my son" is too easy to not get.

  19. I need to get me one of them superpower pineapple shirts.

  20. Hiroko is a great chess player but has a low political iq, voted for beydon… 😂

  21. I decided to post to the reddit, now we wait for a 100 baby 😔✊

  22. "that was unintentionally very funny"

    Th-that's.. the whole point. That's what a joke is, to be funny. You know, kind of it's intention

  23. A mysterious florida man in a fruit shirt? Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down

  24. Hikaru is singlehandedly carrying Florida on his shoulders

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