GAME 10 LIVE | World Chess Championship 2023 | GM Ding Liren vs. GM Ian Nepomniachtchi

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  1. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd comment: n00b ako. ano ang meaning ng 'kamatyas' ?

    i observe that 'matyas' means mate (probably checkmate but can humourously used to mean stalemate), so 'kamatyas' probably is a joke like we fellow chess players / chess followers are like fellow losers for RECEIVING mate? Or is it that we are the ones DELIVERING the mate?

  2. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Roderick what's your opinion of Liren's stupid list of role model players?

    1 – Veselin Topalov – BASELESSLY accused Vladimir Kramnik of cheating

    2 – Garry Kasparov – CHEATED Judit Polgar

    3 – Magnus Carlsen – BOTH. BASELESSLY accused Hans Niemann & CHEATED Alireza Firouzja, Danya Naroditsky & Ian Nepomniachtchi

    Why didn't Liren say

    1 – Vladimir Kramnik

    2 – Bobby Fischer

    3 – Wesley So


  3. gud eve coach. sayang di kita napanood sa live stream mo. draw ulit.

  4. coach ask ko lang kong mayron chess club malapit sa novaliches quezon city

  5. May mga coach din ba o second si Nepo at Ding na tumutulong sa kanilang dalawa coach Rodel

  6. Shout out idol.isang blunderesius

  7. Coach nakalaro mo rin ba si NM roger sarip?

  8. Coac bakit di nag rook g6 si ding check

  9. Ding's humility is his strength .And that's why he has more supporters or "rooters"among chess enthusiasts worldwide except probably from Russia where Nepo comes from.Thank you Coach for covering this championship .More success to you!

  10. coach anong chess engine ang dapat gamitin?

  11. Coach naglaro si Korchnoi at Fischer natalo so Korchnoi kaya hayun si karpoy Ang naka sagupa Niya. Nakita ko to sa youtube

  12. I’m interested po sa chess mat details po.. thanks.

  13. Lage nlng Dihado sa Oras si ding game 1-10

  14. Shout out naman sa amin na nonood dito sa portugal coach…

  15. gdmorning idol hende completo araw ko kapag hende ako makapanood ng analysis mo, from ireneo ng bagong pag asa queZon city

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