Game 9: 2023 World Chess Championship | Nepomniachtchi vs Ding

Featured is Game 9 between Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren from the 2023 World Chess Championship match. It’s a Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense but without a queenless middlegame surfacing. By move 15 we can observe a mostly symmetrical position. Nepomniachtchi’s knight on g3 and Ding’s knight on a6 act as the primary positional imbalance as play sharpens. Going into game 9 Ian Nepomniachtchi leads Ding Liren 4.5 to 3.5. The 2023 World Chess Championship is a best of 14-game match being played in Astana, Kazakhstan. The first player to earn 7.5 points will receive the lion’s share (60%) of the approximately $2.2 million prize pool and claim the most prestigious title in chess: ‘World Chess Champion’.

Image of Ding Liren courtesy of Lennart Ootes

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  1. High quality analysis as always, keep it up! 👍

  2. Super recap!
    One suggestion- the tale of the tape at the end is great, but could you also put an Eval bar on the side of the board?

    It'd be super helpful visually, especially when you deviate from the game to potential other lines.

  3. Bro I hate king and pawn endgames I'm soooo bad

  4. theoneguywithaverylongusernamewhonobodylikedbecausehisnamewassolong says:

    I wonder about on move 10. Why not Nd8 to e6 instead of Nb8? Then black can aim for Nh5 to f4. Similar to what white does in the ruy lopez sometimes. Especially when white plays 12.h3, 2 moves later. It seems like a knight landing on f4 would be really strong since any g3 would hang the h3 pawn.

  5. I wanna see Ding take it to the house…the Chef's House.

  6. These videos are way too long. I see 25+ minutes and I'm not encouraged to watch.

  7. So instructive! Thank you Jerry, you one of the very best.

  8. Hey, Jerry. Would you mind switching the color white with a less bright color? I like to get tired or even fall asleep to chess, but whites is too harsh. Love your videos!

  9. Chessnetwork,,my favourite chess youtube channel,,keep going bro u r the best

  10. I don't understand the reasoning behind Ding giving up a pawn on move 38. Isn't that pawn passed? Seems like an important asset to lose but I'm sure I'm missing something

  11. Congrats Ding on holding a draw. He needs a win at some point here to even up the score, but perhaps not with the black pieces.

  12. I want a chess commentary channel that details the game but leaves out the "what would happen" if they moved another way. Maybe in an intense end game, to show how they could have won but beginning and middle game, I just want to follow the actual game. One of my fav commentators started doing more "but if" variants than the actual game. Anyone get what I'm trying to say? If so, what's your thoughts?

  13. thanks for covering this event so excellently°

  14. Now that is a proper WCC game , reminds me of 2018

  15. In my younger days played so many chess .

    Amazing analysis

  16. Fantastic analysis as always! There's tons of channels doing analysis of these games, but to me Jerry's is the clearest at explaining the ideas and WHY moves were played. Keep it up.

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