Gentleman vs Genius | David Navara vs Praggnanandhaa | World Cup 2023

David Navara was in a must-win situation as Praggnanandhaa had won the first game of their match at round 3 of the FIDE World Cup 2023. The top Czech GM did set the board on fire and Pragg was in no mood for a draw! What resulted is fireworks! Check out the game along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah to understand the intricacies of this brilliant battle between the Gentleman and the Genius.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. David just won the game before the first move ❤️

  2. This mans commentary is pure GOLD. Thank you, @ChessBaseIndia

  3. Navara is one of the loveliest persons in the chess world.❤

  4. When is someone going to play the Evans Gambit?

  5. David Navarra and Artemiev both have a similar way of respecting their opponents. Gentlemen

  6. Love that smile on move 1 by David. Also excited for the upcoming match between Hikaru vs praggnanandhaa.👍

  7. Hikaru vs prag lets goo🥵🥵 btw when is the match?

  8. Nothing learned by prodigious guy from the gentleman 😊

  9. he was about win , I think some miscalculation.

  10. Just show their steps..
    For your analysis we don't see their actual moves…

  11. Navara draws respect for his greatness. A gentleman to be emulated by fellow players.

  12. I like to follow this behavior in my games


  14. Asi debería de ser todo el ajedrez, humano, poderoso y respetuoso

  15. What a game and what a commentry by Sagar bhai…

  16. This game was so complicated. It should be on agadmator's channel.

  17. Tabatabaei was also keen to know what Pragg was going to play at the beginning of this game. 😊

  18. I would take a bullet for GM Navara; eh, only a flesh wound, but still 😉

  19. Gentleman vs gentleman, too!
    Good game Pragg 🤝

  20. Why do they still write down the moves progress? Both in Blitz and Rapid, it's not done, so what is its significance in a classical game?

  21. I love David navara yaar such a gentleman ❤❤❤

  22. The title of the video should be: Gentleman AND Genius against talented kid

  23. Sir, my heartbeat thanks for u fr ur coverage on all these chess matches.
    I am a strong fan of Pragnananda.
    Also I love Nakamura for his Japanese link.
    So, my special request to please commentry the PRAG-NAKAMURA match in HINDI.

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