Geometry Dash Chess Tournament Day 1 (Highlights)

About 2 months ago I hosted a Chess tournament on my Twitch channel, and it was a lot of fun. Because of how successful it was, I’m planning on doing a Tetris tournament closer to Christmas, so that’s something else to be excited for. If you didn’t catch the action, or if you did and would like to see the best moments again, this video is for you. I hope you like it. Big thanks to LakeIverson for editing this video. Day 2 and 3 highlights will be coming soon as well.

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Edited by LakeIverson:
Commentated by me and Pan:
Originally livestreamed on Twitch:

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Thumbnail by Erdyuri:

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  1. This is very painful to see as a chess player but I want to see the next part

  2. This men have 30 forms to make checkmate and don't make anything xd PD:Yes i play chess

  3. Tartaglumine - 12th of the Fatui Harbinger says:

    My throat hurts from laughing.

  4. Me watching other people have fun because my life is boring ; – ;

  5. put me in here… i’m a chess champ at my schools chess club

  6. Los que vieron a Pepe el mago en la miniatura

  7. Why does the guy on the left in the thumbnail have junipers face

  8. This makes me reflect on the fact we have a pretty decent community

  9. Me when I realize I’m better at chess than famous to you tubers: 😎

  10. Fun fact: EVW’s real name is actually Eric Wilderman, but he added the “Van” bc he thought it was cool, like Armin Van Buren

  11. "My dad would beat the shit out of me when I was young"

    -EVW if taken out of context

  12. I used to do mma for 4 years this vid literally hurt 10x more

  13. Boy this video is fucking incredible

  14. Brazilian fans? That’s actually me!

  15. this is hard to watch as a advenced chess player

  16. I absolutely love the fact that I got a chess ad while watching this

  17. I wish i can join a chess tournament

  18. Dude stop cutting the chest its not enjoyable!

    What happened to Queen how did she killed other White Queen thats not understanding

  19. I haven't watched the video yet, but I hope someone does the Sicilian so I can learn more(that's my favorite opening). I'm probably gonna be disappointed tho :/

  20. U sound like musty from rocket league 😂 not in a mean way

  21. No One:
    Juniper: I Will Sure The Viprin Administration
    Me: Uh Oh We Have A Karen Amongst Us

  22. Its very painful to watch this when you actually understand chess:/ it almost killed me

  23. 3:28 this game is stu- I mean yeah, great guys, great.

    Me: That's suspicious 🤔

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