Geometry Dash Chess Tournament Day 1 (Highlights)

About 2 months ago I hosted a Chess tournament on my Twitch channel, and it was a lot of fun. Because of how successful it was, I’m planning on doing a Tetris tournament closer to Christmas, so that’s something else to be excited for. If you didn’t catch the action, or if you did and would like to see the best moments again, this video is for you. I hope you like it. Big thanks to LakeIverson for editing this video. Day 2 and 3 highlights will be coming soon as well.

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Edited by LakeIverson:
Commentated by me and Pan:
Originally livestreamed on Twitch:

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Thumbnail by Erdyuri:

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  1. calling it now: eric and terron in the final, with eric winning and terron getting second

  2. ahhhh as someone who plays both tetris and chess I wish I could participate 🙁

  3. En geometry Dash soy muy malo en comparación, pero en Ajedrez los destrozo 😈


  5. Noice showing half of his face when he’s focused, he looks like nickmercs

  6. I got a bunch of chess app ads on this video lol

  7. If GM Hikaru watched this he would lose his will to live

  8. bruh i just realized en passant is just hurtbox extention

  9. Dude with 5 minutes only players are forced to do a blitzkrieg

  10. GDplayers: playing chess.
    Grandmasters: NOOOOOOO !!!!

  11. 2:00 Eric didn't need the rook to cover the horse because of the pawn.

  12. Eric wins:

    Of course he did. He’s like 70, old people are good!

  13. How did you knew that I just started learning chess
    Cool nonetheless

  14. What the fuck its stalemate Eric didnt win lol

  15. A stalemate is when the King is NOT in check, but cannot move anywhere else…

  16. Why npesta icon remember's me Hungry Humphrey

  17. 2:29 i thought that xaro gonna loose, i got surprised with that smart movement

  18. Chess on a timer? I see how that could be necessary especially since it's a tournament but a game like this requires time

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