Geometry Dash Chess Tournament Day 2 & 3 (Highlights)

Finally the highlights of the last 2 days of the Chess tournament are here. This is where the Geometry Dash Chess master is decided. Look forward to a Tetris tournament soon, as well as the highlights of the Debate Night. Always fun to host special events.

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Edited by LakeIverson:
Commentated by me and Pan:
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  1. I’ve been starting to get into chess so this is the perfect upload

  2. Nothing like watching speedrunners flex their brains at each other while ignoring your zoom class for just a moment, only to hear your teacher call your name a few moments later.

  3. Welcome to another exciting episode of – Waiting for 2.2

  4. Feelsbadman for Terron though, need to chill out man

  5. Weird seeing gd players faces when i haven't seen them before

  6. Npesta: Loses to Terron
    Everyone who like the Npesta Chess Meme: NO!!! I THOUGHT YOU'RE A LEGEND!!!
    Me: Npesta VS Terron = Dream VS Technoblade

  7. The editor: zooms in on a select section of the board
    Me: Ahh just let me see the position

  8. Evw : don't knows how to use technology
    Also Evw : plays gd a lot

  9. Dude i wanna join imma destroy all of u hahahha❤️

  10. The Killbot part had me dying, props to Lake for that

  11. I like she doesn’t have a name it’s just junipers sisters

  12. I thought flash was going against hikaru or somethig

  13. Doing chess because there’s not much to do on GD ;(
    Still waiting for 2.2

  14. Omfg junipers sister is literally just juniper but younger

  15. 0:14 Hello Tech!

    3:07 No Terron Is Up In Material That Trade Was Perfect And He Traded A Bishop For A Knight And In The Endgame Bishops are Better So Terron Made A Great Decision Trading.

    5:55 True Free Knight, But Queen Takes Isn't The Best. Look At The Rook, If Rook Takes; Check, King Is Forced To Move Up, Then Queen Can Go B8 (2 Spaces Above) And That's Mate.
    Now The King Can Go Diagonally Up To The Right To e8, So That When He Does Move The Queen Up The Queen Can Block, But That Wins Flash The Queen Because The Rook Can Move Up, Pinning The Queen To The King And Flash Wins The Queen And It Should Be Easy to Win From There.

  16. SirHadoken should have moved g8 king to g7 to pressure the horse

  17. It bothered me so much seeing flash being able to checkmate haru like 10 moves before and not doing it

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