@gigguk vs @CDawgVA FINAL Chess Game of Tournament Arc!

@gigguk and @CDawgVA made it to the finals of Tournament Arc, a chess tournament exclusively for Anime Youtubers. In a best of 2 final round, Gigguk surprised CDawgVA in Game 1 as seen at the beginning of this video. That means it all came down to Game 2…Can CdawgVA win and push the chess match to a bullet tiebreak or will Gigguk win and be crowned Tournament Arc champion?

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  1. This was amazing holy shit. I don’t need to watch anime for a while now

  2. This is the point when the author needs to work on other project but some still want to continue the story so Gigguk is the next MC

  3. Holy f*uck… How many blunders there where in this game?????

  4. the tournament arc guy won the tournament arc :')

  5. GiggUK prove that he is the Main Protagonist

  6. I made the same mistake too a long time ago back when I was wee lad…

  7. Unlike the 10 minute with Commentary. It makes it very watchable and competing MNF

  8. That anime thighs in the back though, what a fellow man of culture

  9. Connor: He has 10 seconds left no way can he win.
    Meanwhile, on Gigguk's side
    Code Geass OST: The Master starts playing

  10. this was amazing. definitely top 10 anime fights.

  11. i like how it says 2 missed wins 3 blunders and 4 mistakes at the beggining

  12. I really want someone to take the audio from this and make an anime to it. Like full on make it over the top. (be sure to include Syd)

  13. Best chess match. Who cares about GMs matches?
    Change my mind


  14. garnt has beaten connor at chess, the drifting episode, and the cycling episode goddamn

  15. محمد علي ماجد عبد الخالق ناصر says:

    this is the worst chess game i have ever see and he said he was a chess pro wtf he is playing like 600

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