Round 1 of my GM norm tournament.

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  1. another comment to support this great series… thanks for all you do… so fun to watch this series

  2. They're gonna learn the f word any way. True as fuck

  3. If the position was equal, why not fight it out? You don’t have to draw just because it’s even after a few moves lol

  4. Welp, the first time i show my 4-year old nephew some gothamchess, Levy starts dropping f-bombs.

  5. Aye ! Don't lie, Q, moor scent tense is. says:

    Problem with opponents offering draw is that they will probably PLAY for it.
    So if the situation is already uneasy, and your oppponent's gonna block everything he can, you know that it will most probably end in a draw anyway.

  6. Day 13 of writing a pronunciation of 'Zwischenzug' in Russian for Levy:

  7. How many points does he need to be a gm in this tournament?

  8. The only bright thing distracting is your beautiful face

  9. I love the idea of Mr. Paragua holding his hand out for 30 minutes waiting for a handshake while Levy just sits there contemplating his life choices.

  10. Glad you took the draw levy, not like I'm in any position to say this but happy that you did what you felt was the "best move" rather than playing on for content.

  11. You were right to take the draw in this situation. More aggressive moves would not have ended well for you.

  12. Levy dont draw fight till the end bro

  13. Levy when u said about the lamp it started distracting me

  14. 1 move for 36 minutes? I mean what time control is this?

  15. I’m a 1600 and I saw h4, knight a5 bishop c2. Sometimes I swear I’m just a lazy calculator over the board but my instinct/feel is often correct yet I second guess myself. I wish I didn’t do that. Maybe I’d be higher rated. Sigh.

  16. I'm filipino. I'm still a beginner but I hope I could be a national master someday. 😀 maybe IM if i have time.

  17. How long are the games if the GM was thinking for a 30-40 minutes on a move? Was there a time limit?

  18. Good luck Levy. You are amazing also, go beat some GM ass please.

  19. How long are these games? Are they playing without a timer?

  20. Now I want to see you and Mark finish the game just for funsies.

  21. Chess is definitely a game of paralysis from analysis.

  22. Thank you for teaching me the F word Levy

  23. Having spent about 20+ hours watching Pogchamps 4 this week, its odd to come back to a game where I can't immediately see the best move!

  24. Smart call, but man I wish offering a draw was not allowed. If you think you are worse, or better, or even, just play it out. Also, no draws from repetition. After three repeats force the first player to make a different move. Anyway, congrats on the professional finish and good luck!

  25. I think you made the right call here Levy. Nice job making a GM uncomfortable enough to want to offer you a draw.

  26. I didn`t really know Levy before this video but after the first 7 minutes, I think I´ve became his biggest fan lmao

  27. GONNA binge watch all of this series!! no spoilers

  28. lol i played Mark Paragua in a cash blitz tourney. TOUCH MOVE i had mate in one he didnt see it. he touch moved for a loss. then saw it and dropped the piece on others like dominoes. and the TD was called wish we had a DGT board. so they said ohhh a GM would never cheat…lol

  29. "that just looks really fucking stupid" yep

  30. I wish Levy would think less about the rating(s) of his opponent and more on the position.

  31. The lamp? Gotta go 😐 Too bad about the draw. IMHO, FIDE should come down on them…just saying.

  32. Looking forward to round 2 and catching up on this series of videos. A draw is better than a loss!

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