GothamChess v. Polina Shuvalova! Can Levy Beat His Nerves to Win It All? I’M Not A GM SCC 2023 Final

The I’M Not A GM Speed Chess Championship (IMSCC) is back for its 2023 edition! This year’s tournament features everyone’s favorite chess teacher, GothamChess, IM Greg Shahade, IM Lawrence Trent and IM Polina Shuvalova!

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  1. Chat is actually the worst thing I've ever seen

  2. Unfortunate for Gotham, was looking forward for him winning lmao

  3. I thought Giorgio Tsoukalo's son was going to win at the end

  4. U know levy got not shoot with her he cant even beat her at chess. Haha

  5. Playing against levy with the caro-khan is wild

  6. Levy with his classic emasculated look with him biting his Hoodie hand!😂🎉 It just proves that men should not participate in women’s sport!

  7. Confirmed, Hess and other dude react to The Bar! Wow, such excitement!!!

  8. Kassa is a fantastic commentator! keep up the good work sir! love it… great compliment to Hess the master

  9. i will give props to levi for this fantastic fight again significantly higher rated opponent (2497 fide)

  10. I told ya all. Polina is too strong for levy. Polina is almost a GM.

  11. Great host chemistry & exciting fighting chess from both sides! Good stuff.

  12. 1+1 is not chess, 3+1 and 5+1 are barely but still, Polina was much better in the chess part

  13. Polina was clearly the stronger player here. Levi did his best in the bullet where his arsenal of prepared traps almost pulled it out of her hands but in the final analysis a well deserved, last second victory to this very talented player! Great commentary and analysis from the two of you also, bravo guys!

  14. Sorry levy 😢 your still the best in our hearts

  15. I love watching competitive men vs women. I think it's great for the game and should be done more often.

  16. Thanks for putting on the event, but if you're going to do online/live events, can you please invest in some better moderation, what a toxic cesspool of a chat here. 🙁

  17. Love the commentary, and really hope Levy can be proud that he made it to the FINALS!!! That’s a tough thing to accomplish. Watching all the matches, Polina deserved this and congrats to her.

  18. I think if Levy was more aware of the game clock, he would have resigned a few seconds earlier and allowed himself a chance in a final bullet game.

  19. Все подпищитцы Розмана 300% взорвались во всех сот сетях на бедную русскую шахматюгу

  20. Maybe Levy will finally quit chess lol

  21. Really dislike the title of this video. Levy was playing against Polina, undoubtedly they both had nerves going into and during an intense match, but ultimately Levy had to play against Polina, this detracts from her incredibly commendable performance.

  22. Very entertaining games, excellent commentary. Well done, people! Kudos

  23. The final score don't reflect the real differenece of the two players. Polina she is much stronger than Levy

  24. Полина импостер. Она же практически гросс

  25. That was an excellent fight. Well done Polina on the victory. Also honourable mention both to Levy for fighting hard and not giving up and to Kassa for a great performance in commentary. Stepping into Danya’s shoes can’t have been easy and he did an awesome job.

  26. this was so awesome to watch, i couldn't finish watching live because of life but just finished now
    fantastic event and finish

  27. These matches must be brutal for the players…. constant pressure.

  28. I love the I'm not a GM tournaments. So exciting! Enjoy seeing the IMs fighting it out.

  29. Kassa the goat for the wayne reference. Great commenting crew

  30. I cant believe y'all actually titled the video that. I would be offended if i were either Polina or Levy lmao

  31. Hate to be this guy, but I’m curious what is off to Polinas right she seems to be regularly looking at.
    The game starting at 2:25:50 has a ton of it for example.

  32. Why she look like magnus carlsen without beard lol😂

  33. This title is garbage, please rename this

  34. I was like BOOOOOOOMMMMM BOOOOOMMMM when levy won the fourth one with a fist strike on desk

  35. I'm honestly sad for Levy, he was THIS close to make a comeback and win. But huge congrats for Polina and her great plays in the blitz games!
    Very good game from both!
    Hope Levy wins the next IM i'm not a GM speed chess championship!

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