Grand Final: Magnus and Hikaru FIGHT For First Playoff Seat In The $2M CCT! | 2023 Airthings Masters

Featuring the reigning Champions Chess Tour winner, Magnus Carlsen, and Global Champion, Wesley So, the new season kicks off with the Airthings Masters; the first of six star-studded tournaments! A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer in the 2023 season of the Champions Chess Tour—making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history.


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  1. Nice and comfy car seat! Easy to install and wash. Will provide us years of use.

  2. They both are like toppers of the same class…..Magnus is a favorite of teachers and girls as he is stylish also and Hikaru in the same way favorite to guys and funny.

  3. magnus really showed he is the world champion in game 3 ngl

  4. Magnus, el mejor!
    Esperamos tu decisión de retiro sea TEMPORAL, para volver a deleitarnos de nuevo con tu juego…!
    No te puedes retirar cuando estás muy cerca de convertirte en el indiscutible "mejor ajedrecista de todos los tiempos…".

  5. The format is weird even though double elimination is generally preferred

  6. The debate is over Magnus is the G.O.A.T

  7. What’s the opening Hikaru used ? Is it theory if yes please tell me the name

  8. Fantastic commentating – great job, each and every one of you! Well played Magnus, tough luck Hikaru. BOTH players: consider getting a haircut 😛

  9. MAGNUS ALL THE WAY🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  10. what tough things is hikaru is going thru ?

  11. Tania's commentary is a bit too much for the ears

  12. Выигрывает партию обычно тот гроссмейстер, который сможет провести и отстоять, или наоборот, забрать опорную пешку, в данном случае чёрную пешку на C4.

  13. Looks like Tania had nothing to say after their first game – she was fearing for Magnus's life at the start 😂😂😂

  14. Right now I'm really curious what cause to made Magnus laugh so hard…
    I hope the interview would ask that question, how disappointing….they didn't

  15. Magnus really show the mentality of a champion.

    He never give up even in the sure lost position.


  17. Hikaru is praying Magnus will join the Poker Professional tour.

  18. Dear producer/director. Some feedback.
    1. Please leave the live board as the main big board. Constantly. Switching to the hypothetical board and minimizing the live board was confusing and annoying. Also remember a lot of your audience watch on phones. We are here to watch the finalists play. Your shrunken liveboard was like 2cm by 2cm on a phone.
    2. Please talk less. Analysis can be saved for after the game. Silence is not a bad thing sometimes. Watch snooker commentary to see what i mean.
    We are hear to watch the pro finalists play. The commentary was too overbearing and distracting.
    3. Too many chefs. Have 2 comentators maybe, not 4 who are all talking too much and with too much volume and excitment. Commentary should add to the watch experince, not distract from it.
    4. Dont do an interview half way through a game

  19. This is truly one of the tournaments of all time.

  20. This stands to show that Hans was right all along. The only way is to cheat!!

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