Gukesh beats Nepo in his last competitive game before World Championship 2023

Ian Nepomniachtchi is all set to play the World Championship Match in April 2023. The WR Masters was his last competitive event before the match. His last game was the tiebreak against Gukesh. It was an extremely intense game that ended in the favour of the young Indian. Check out this battle along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Well was to be expected. Ian had to fight long hours game while Gukesk and co. could rest and prepare…

  2. gukesh will win this year chess championship

  3. Unneccassary dramatization….sagar just want all the limelight and money ….leach

  4. Anyone knows when the world championship match will happen ?

  5. Amazing performance by Gukesh but let us not forget that Ian had a very successful tournament as well with no losses, and right before tie-break he had a long exhausting battle against Keymer where he was pushing Vincent through the entire game until he cracked. And despite this tie-break Ian gave a great performance in this tournament, was the only one to beat Levon (who was just amazing during this event) and all in all did much better than Ding in Tata steel 2023. With all my respect to Ding I think that he is not likely to beat Nepo but still, no one knows for sure

  6. Sagar is for chess what Peter Drury is for football…he makes chess an edge of a seat thriller with this stupendous commentary… loved it Sagar bhai

  7. Great win for gukesh… But ian wasn't performing at his best due to the long match he had just he won…. He got a very short break after the match and before these tiebreaks

  8. Missed sagar's commentary In wr chess tournament

  9. After what he did to Levon, i no longer root for Nepo

  10. Did I heard Sagar saying Horse instead of Knight 😀

  11. Excellent amazing great performance by gukesh… super game… great commentary Sagar Bhai…i am proud to be a subscriber of chess bass India..💯💯👍👍👌👌🙏🙏🙏❣️❣️👏👏👏

  12. Sagar is excellent commentator. Little bit unusual football commentator style, but IMO it is much better that Gustafsson or Svidler who are useful against insomnia.

  13. Looks like Nepo was mad after that loss to Gukesh.

  14. Saakar (साकार) Chess Ambarnath says:

    Amazing play & amazing commentary too.. Harsh Bhogle kinda!🥰

  15. how is this dude 16 , man looks like he got a 16 year old kid

  16. how is the World champion finalist selected against the champion?

  17. one mistake and you lose ……………..i 900 elo chess blunder queen still win 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I fear all that Gukesh has done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

  19. Будь проклят ваш градусник, будьте вы прокляты

  20. Mr.Sagar why r shouting… shouting..
    Again and again…this is not cricket commentary pls be cool and analyse the game…we r really irritating Ur commentary…pls

  21. Gukesh means Gu=Gu and kesh = bal therefore gu ke baal

  22. its like watching the Kentucky Derby with this commentating

  23. the problem with title is it spoils the winner

  24. His name is not Nepo-NISHI.. its pronounced Nepo-Nee-aa-chi

  25. chess world championship today is boring. gukesh vs abdusattorov is more exciting. chess needs magnus as a world champ and find the best challenger

  26. Is gukesh perpetually 16 years old, I think i've been hearing he's 16 years old for 3 years now. No disrespect, I just found it amusing. He's phenomenal no doubt

  27. Gukesh playing like . Mere pass 8 pawn hai . Me kisi ek se to queen banahi lunga .

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