Gukesh in Shark Mode | Gukesh vs Firouzja | FIDE Candidates 2024

17-year-old Gukesh took on Alireza Firouzja in the penultimate round of the FIDE Candidates 2024. What happened next? Was Gukesh able to score a win and get the sole lead or were Nakamura and Nepo able to surpass him. Check out this amazing battle between of the biggest chess talents in the world – Gukesh and Firouzja on the biggest stage.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Like if u think Gukesh becomes the candidates champ❤❤

  2. This commentator is deeply annoying, I hate when he constantly shows his predictions and messes up the board. It makes the whole experience absolutely terrible. I even start hating his emphasis on certain words, it just hurts my ears. I requested him to shut up more often than not, stop messing with the table or find another way to show his predictions and drink a voice that makes his voice a bit deeper or just use some software to change the pitch at least.

  3. lucky that Alireza blundered in one move

  4. Congratulations to gukesh for winning the chess match and leading the points table

  5. Guki will for sure win against Nakamura 🤞🏻

  6. Why this game telecast in television

  7. Firouzja is playing the worst tournament ever. Nakamura will take the price

  8. All cowards are afraid of Russia. Europe, America are cowardly and rotten people. Russia is strong and will win!

  9. your logic is wrong at 9:21 , how can black pawn at e4 go to f3

  10. 12:15 alireiza time was 45 seconds, how did it become 31 minutes after that!? Was there any extra time rule? Can anyone clarify me on this!

  11. I should not be saying this
    But " Magnus need to see this"

    He literally undermine the calibre of young guns from india…

  12. Hey I am new to chess what do they write with pen??

  13. I really like your commentary . My interest in chess grew after watching your videos . Keep doing the good work

  14. Firu plays like a boy who just don't care

  15. That was a great game from both great chess minds. congrats, Gukesh!

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