Gukesh, Magnus, Ding, and Chess’ Greatest Classical Players Face Off in Tata Steel 2023! | Round 2

Eight-time Tata Steel winner Magnus Carlsen defends his title with Ding Liren, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, and more of the world’s top chess players looking to take the crown! Who will be victorious at the legendary 14 player round robin tournament in Wijk aan Zee?!


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  1. where can i find the opening theme song??

  2. Tania u r doin a great job …don't listen to these trolls

  3. I thought Sachdev is working for chess24, now she's here?

  4. Flawless tactics but losses nonetheless says:

    Where is Peter Leko

  5. At last Gukesh plays against some good players, not 2500s. I know I'm gonna be attacked by Indians after this comment but I don't care

  6. Good fight from Winston, but the boss is the boss.

  7. I came here because I can't stand Peter Svidler (can't stand his language, way of speaking; he monopolizes the broadcast, frequently interrupts his fellows, etc.), but Tania Sachdev is unbearable too. Bring back Nigel Short! the best chess commentator of all time.

  8. how much is the prize fund and why the hell is it not available anywhere online

  9. Very good commentary from Robert and Tania! I really enjoyed watching the games.

  10. I love Tania, but we need a replacement commentator if her internet issues continue. 2 hours into this round and it's hard to listen to.

  11. Why the journey of growing a chess channel very difficult?

  12. Please remove this Tania from commentary. Please

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