Gukesh Upsets Norway Chess Tournament Leader In Armageddon

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  1. ridiculous format in chess. that should have been a win for fabi

  2. couldnt manage the goal with stress. i think he should be more exchangable ..maybe

  3. Gukesh had 3 sec and fabi had 14 ? And fabi lost on time ?!! Now thats impressive

  4. Weird tournament, Carlsen has most total wins yet is only 6th.

  5. upset? gukesh upset? no man thats gukesh man i hardly call that an upset

  6. Only advantage white have is time , and still he lost ๐Ÿฅฒ

  7. But cmon I know this is chess, but how is this good or beneficial to the love of the game, gets in a winning position and loses because he cannot put pieces on squares fast enough

  8. fabi is slow exacerbated by being a right handed instead of his left hand in pressing the clock

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