Gukesh vs Magnus Carlsen | Superunited Rapid | Grand Chess Tour 2023

Right after the Global Chess League where Gukesh and Magnus Carlsen were team mates they travelled to Croatia to play in the Superunited Grand Chess Tour. And in the first round itself they both were paired against each other. Check out this battle between Gukesh and Carlsen with a time control of 25 minutes + 10 seconds increment.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Safari shah is revolutionary in india chess❤

  2. Hi Sagar Shah, If I want to learn chess from you. How can I do that ?

  3. @sagar bhai…there s a very good Queen Sac checkmate idea for 7:27 after eRc1. Idea of Bb3 taking knight out is to remove defence of C1. Then play ny move like pe6 , then the threat of c3 rook to c7. Here sac the queen by playing Rc8. If Rook takes queen, then black takes Rc1 Checkmate with Pawn n Rook

  4. Your commentary is far enthusiastic to watch than this analysis….pls cover via commentary only….

  5. White position was resignable after after 31.gxf3 .
    No chance to hold whatsoever even against 1600 player, but Carlsen is 2800+ . Gukesh continued 4 more moves, out of frustration probably. It is not easy to admit that opponent did total demolition job on your position , your pieces became totally useless ( your best defending piece is your king and h- pawn ! ) and he did it all with black pieces.This is loss when player needs extra time to recover

  6. Yeah…I found both the moves Magnus played 🥳

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