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  1. I had a feeling deep inside my gut that Hans would manage to win

  2. I think the 'weird' format is made to prove that Hans didn't cheat if he ever gets a win against Vidit. A long time format will most of the time only gives backlash given how his background is last year.

  3. Amari Cooper used to play for the Dallas Cowboys, he was traded a few seasons ago.

  4. Bro has the audacity to say that this tournament is weired after hosting clash of claims

  5. a gotham hans irl adoption match sounds fire actually

  6. I guess it happened at odd hours in Texas, but it would've been morning till noon ish in India. Otherwise jetlagged Vidit .

  7. Say what you will about Hans but he's putting himself out there. When he says something people pay attention.

  8. thanks for the title gotham now i know hans wins and dont have to watch the video to find out

  9. just came after losing 10 games in a row to see people winning lmao

  10. Hans doesn’t get invited to tournaments because he is a master of burning bridges.

  11. All i care about is what were the security measures.

  12. Hans Niemann proved once again he has the guts to overcome adversity.

  13. Imagine being accused by some random ahh player of cheating nd jus bcuz he is someone more known and a better player he gets to choose if ur a cheater or not bro thinks he can't loose

  14. magnus been real quiet since hans won whatever this was

  15. @GothamChess You're absolutely my favorite streamer. I've watched you since August 2021, got my girlfriend your book to help with her chess and to support you (I'm 1300+ blitz, 1600+ classical), and I think you're the sole reason young people have taken an interest in chess over the past few years. I wish you nothing but success, and hope to call you GM Levy, soon. With that being said, I want to personally thank you for recapping this event. I'm unaware of any personal differences between you and Hans, but I think what's happened to him is horrendous, and reflects poorly on the chess world and it's community. Hans deserves the same opportunities most top GMs take for granted, and he's not getting them. Chess is poorer for it. Thanks for recapping his event

  16. Levy lowkey jealous of Hans who is a "GM"

  17. Damn your english is good as an English learner I have learnt a lot from you. Keep using 1-2 complex words 🙂

  18. There was a Celebrity Tournament right before the GM game so they could not have done it earlier

  19. He was Hans down the better player this match.

  20. You are not a GM so you don't get invited.
    I hope you do become a GM

  21. you do know that Hans Niemann absolutely hates you buddy

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