He sacrifice the ROOK | Chess tactics


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  1. If it's taken by the knight then checkmate, if it's taken by the king the. Bishop is pinned so the queen can take the black rook, then if bishop it's also mate

  2. There's a good tctic there ro win the queen or deliver checkmate but it has nothing to do with that pawn he drawee an arrow to

  3. Hikaru's demeanor and music are more entertaining than the puzzle.🤣🤣

  4. Everyone says that if king takes, than you can take rook with check, but I think that instead you should take the bishop with the bishop (with check) and when black captured back, take his queen.

  5. Two people play or 3 ?
    Don't mix the games idiot

  6. If black didn't take with the king there are Checkmate in 1 move if he take with king he will lose the Queen in 2 move who agree?

  7. King takes rook will save but Bishop takes bishop will create a loss of queen

  8. black gonna lose his bishop rook and knight😅

  9. if it was black's turn to move he had a mate in one move (queen d1)

  10. One more
    If he takes with king take his bishpo by your bishop it will be a check and no matter what he do his queen is dead

  11. If Knight takes Qxe7#
    If Bishop takes Nd6#
    If King takes Be7+ Nxe7 Qxg4

  12. It's either mate with Nd6 or a queen with Bxe7

  13. Hikaru is wearing white when moves his rook And wearing blaCk when Carlson stands … What an editing

  14. Its not even a brilliant move. Dont you know brilliant moves are TWO exclamation marks.🫤

  15. As a chess player, I can say that for such games in which the player's iq is -0, it is not very pleasant to watch

  16. Acabou o jogo, para quem não entendeu, se o bispo ou o cavalo matar a torre, só avançar o cavalo ou a rainha que será cheque mate, se o rei matar a torre só avançar a rainha e matar o bispo, com isso se obriga o rei a ir para a esquerda pois ñ tem como matar a rainha e consegue ainda a torre, após isso só ir empurrando o rei até dar cheque mate, se for esperto é jogo ganho.

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