HE WON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Stop wasting time covering the womens: no one cares

  2. Rook A4 To stack n control A file after taking the pawn. I need my money Levy 😪

  3. Levy never fails to notice a move was never played in the entire history of chess.

  4. I started watching your videos about a month or 2 ago when I was a mid 400 rating now I am a 849 rating in rapid I can honestly say thanks to you and your Vienna game, I'm on my way to the 1000s my best game according to stockfish I played at a 1450 rating … Can't wait til I get there!

  5. Nepo really wants the world title against Ding .. he lost 2 time just because he rush when he has to think and to spend more time ! He lost against Carlson by stupid blunder then he did it again with Ding ! Wish him luck ahead

  6. LETS GO NEPOOO ( he could won vs magnus he should won vs ding hopefully 3rd time is the charm ) LETS GO NEPOOOOOOO <3 ♥♥♥

  7. Does Levy think, we Europeans look towards the USA with wide eyes and think: "They have horseless carriages? What kind of dark sorcery is that?"
    We do know cars and also drive on highways with them!
    (Additional fun fact: We also have refrigerators)

  8. Levy –
    He lose it
    He did it
    He won it
    He f#*k@d up agai !!!;!;!;!:!:! N

  9. IAN nepomniachthi will become world champion

  10. Didn't Nijat miss the oportunity to fork king & bishop on around move 7?

  11. Hey Levy, is there anyway you could make shorts about who won and didn’t? Not all of us have time to sit through all these recaps and I’d love to just hear who won and how

  12. 12:58 unbelievable names. unbelievable how quick and correctly you can say them

  13. omg nepo interview some sensational stuff

  14. Ian fr the 2nd best chess player in the world

  15. 1. When Berlin endgame becomes a draw, Gothamchess: it’s Berlin endgame, what do you expect.
    2. Berlin endgame when one side won, Gothamchess: Berlin endgame has always been a high level battleground for GMs with a lot of nuanced, undeveloped ideas

  16. Nepomniatchi when it comes yo candidates: 😲
    Nepo when its world championship match: 🤡🤡🤡

  17. Idk if Nepo is just brilliant when it comes to Candidates or his opponents just seem to always take risk against him. Vidit playing Rb3 only to get his rook trapped here. Rapport not taking draw in the last Candidates by playing f3 instead of repeating move with Qg6+ Kh1 Qe4+ Kh1 and ended up losing the game.

  18. Gotham Chess has never heard of Autobahn.

  19. Please don't be Nepo that won! … Noooo! ok 2026 candidates then.

  20. At this point, I just hope Ian becomes the world champion

  21. If Ian wins this Candidates to challenge Ding Liren that's gonna be one hell of a storyline

  22. Am I hyped for an interview with a guy representing a terrorist state? No. That's where I'll get off and unsub.

  23. Vidit had his soul crushed when he got pinned by Dina.

  24. Every good thing (Hikaru) has its cheap knockoff (Levi)

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