HE WON! HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I was hoping hikaru was the he in this vid

  2. Crazy to me that female section doesnt have enough GMs to fill the tournement.

  3. Is there an interview with Hikaru after this game anywhere?

  4. Not even one Magnus mentioned. He's changing in a scary pace guys

  5. Literally, I didn't expect Gukesh to win against Pragg after that solid aggressive start of Pragg over Gukesh. Pragg was demolishing Gukesh in every move but at the end, he ended up being demolished himself.

    Vidit awfully crushed Hikaru, who is known for "one of the best defenders in today's chess". My man Vidit woke up and choose destruction.

    Two unexpected things at the same day. I'd predicted Hikaru and Pragg to win before the game.

  6. Hey levi vaishali got a GM title changed from the IM title…… last december i think not sure

  7. Can anyone please explain why black did not go bishop takes pawn at h4 at 18:59?

  8. Cheering for Hikaru. No cap. Bro is a boogie man on chess.

  9. Gukesh VS Praggnanandhaa = Obi Wan VS Anakin
    Seriously just think about it…

  10. It’s very cool to see the women’s side too!

  11. He who controls the pawn breaks controls the universe
    – Fabiano Caruana

  12. Looking at the Vidit game, Vidit is sharp with attack tactics. Of course, that’s by design and practice. Hikaru seems lacking in ideas. Why? Probably the Blitz specialisation. Blitz is not an investment into Classical.

  13. and today there was an earthquake… in Toronto

  14. I think it would be good if right before a game you tell us a bit more about each of the players' styles and notable things about how they play

  15. Me to levy : bro you are the one who pressured hikaru by inviting him to interview.

  16. This video is like watching a 5 year old explain quantum calculations from expert mathematicians where the 5 year old only has a basic understanding of addition and subtraction.

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