HE WON!!!!!!! HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Why is honkai here lol we’re playing chess XD

  2. 5:47 eh as a 500 rated player I can explain to you what that move does (probably not what it actually does though) it develops a bishop and avoids bd5 check why avoid that check? Idk I’m just some random idiot or maybe he just wants to play nc6

  3. Please Help Levy Make Normal Titles for Videos Wtf Bro

  4. Can't tell what was better, the match or the recap. That rocket launcher line… I'm crying 😀

  5. How about a video of you playing against star plumber, new bot rated 9999??

  6. I got a tournament tomorrow, gonna study this rq

  7. Nemo wanted to play til Bishop g4 but accidentally dropped it on d7

  8. In 300 ELO boxing people usually hang the inside left lowkick, so we now know how to take out levy

  9. Dude Im a long time follower of yours and I like your style and videos but I think it's time you stop talking about throwing punches and fighting and blood.. I find it toxic sometimes.
    In the voice of Jordan : "stop it, get some help".
    Love you man and wish you all the best.

  10. I never ever imagined that the world chess championship could be so much fun without Magnus Carlsen 😂

  11. I loved the hope with rocket launcher analogy cpuldnt stop laughing

  12. C'mon, man, Chris Weidman has never punched Luke Rockhold with a wheel kick neither he ended his career, in fact in their one and only fight Luke demolished Chris with quite dominant performance and take away Chris's champ title. I thought you are a matrial art fan 🙂

  13. Are u gonna make a vid abt the new star plummer bot

  14. Day 1 of asking levy to make a video about the Belgrade gambit

  15. My fav part of this game was the shirt un buttoning, trying to seduce Ding’s attention away, I know it worked on me

  16. Levy you make chess so entertaining. I appreciate you.

  17. f5 was a great move in many other lines.. he probably just confused it and lost his nerves..

  18. levy being sponsored by HSR is god damn hilarious

  19. he really said "i'm like 300 elo at boxing" lmao

  20. If Ding intentionally makes mistakes to confuse Ian out of his prep that would be 900 iq

  21. Everyone is just tryings. The champion is magnus carlsen. You already know won't be all this eval dance with him.

  22. I really appreciate how Levy is quite educated in stuff like basketball and boxing and mma etc

  23. Give a like if u also skipped the sponsorship

  24. This game was closer to a guess the ELO game than anything else. Brutal chess.

  25. why not knight f6 after King h8 to stop the rook from staring down the king? it seems like the obvious move

  26. "I'm like a 300 ELO at boxing…" 🙂

    I have to add this analogy for so many things not in my repertoire.

  27. This is so fucking obviously rigged 🤣 wtf is this

  28. Not expecting the honkai star rail sponsor though, I was playing the game while this video is out, and now I have finished the first chapter of the game. Words cannot express my feelings towards the game, the details, the garbage cans that speak, the music the boss fight, everything is amazing, you guys reading this should really try it out, it is really worth your time, you can play this game with the best experience even without using cash to buy the gachas like what I did

  29. Magnus laughing at this from a corner! 😂

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