HE WON!!!!!!! HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. bd7 was because Ian's vibrator guy lagged

  2. Your analysis is the best out there. The blunders made this game all too human, and makes it more exciting than a battle between man and machine. Now that the match is 6-6, Nepo and Ding both have a 50% chance of winning it.

  3. By far poorest quality of world chess championship match. I miss Magnus machine accuracy

  4. The thumbnail should be full off double question mark "??"

  5. not me playing honkai star rail while watching the sponsor lol

  6. Levy: I can't explain you Bd7 move. I don't understand this move!
    That's me literally every move! 😀

  7. What the hell did they do to your plumber bot.

  8. The best part is that the even the computer dosent know what’s going on😂

  9. As bad as these guys have been playing, Magnus would have demolished them.

  10. Mhmm yes, this is all going exactly as I predicted. Ian surrendering a completely winning position back to equality and almost immediately making a colossal blunder to give Ding momentum and life to tie the match score are 6 a piece. I totally knew this was gonna happen

  11. f5 felt like Ian forgot Ding still had threats available.

  12. Δημήτρης Βογιατζάκης says:

    I believe the advantage on this level of play is to be diverse enough to outguess and overcome the opponent's prep prompting him to make an inaccuracy or spend a lot of time finding the best move.

  13. ain't no way levy is getting sponsored by genshin impact💀💀

  14. I'm downloading Honkai now if we get to beat Eric Rosen!

  15. What’s the link to your most recent YouTube channels

  16. Levi's hockey fight re-enactment was worth the price of admission

  17. Ditching the unique title idea? Disappointing.

  18. I observe when few ppl reach on the top! They forget basics… Bishop to rook trade was unseen.Dont know why?

  19. Bro a bot named qt cinderella gets angry when she loses and says its levys fault bruh

  20. From all the titles of this series this was the shittiest. Now I already know who won…

  21. If Ding wins the championship Levy has to name his video DING CHILLING

  22. Star plumber Elo 9999….. levy can you please fight him

  23. Thanks for the spoiler in your title. You do realize several videos show on one's home page yes? I load up YT to watch game 12 and sure enough there's your post. Appreciate you ruining this game for me!


  25. Levy said it in another video just this week about low elo. It isn't the first mistake that kills you. It's the repeated punching yourself in your face that does. One mistake while ahead is fine. Ian never stopped the bleeding and just leaked his lead on the table and Ding knocked him the fudge out.

  26. I like how Levy's video was sponsored by the legendary Hoyoverse

  27. After me viewing, there is only 1,582 more views before you have 1,000,000 views

  28. Its a shame to lose against such mistakes done by Ding

  29. Nothing is more entertaining than the beginners chess game shown by levy. Pure comedy.

  30. Man I love ur content and personality but your boxing references suck😂😂 and funny at the same time😂

  31. These titles are absolutely clickbait. I love it.

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