Heart breaking πŸ’” moment in chess.Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Ian Nepomniachtchi
ding liren


  1. Nepo 100% had a panic attack here. Feel for him terribly 😒

  2. I almost cried seeing his reaction in the final seconds 😒😒

  3. He cheated btw. Magnus is still the world champion.

  4. You guys saw the Ian was basically crying in his heart knowing he’s gonna lose as knowing when he gave up in heartbreak you guys noticed ding Liren wasn’t happy he was so sad because he knew how much of a heart break it was for Ian and he felt bad of how much he truly tried even knowing that Ian is better he still felt Ian’s heart❀❀ ITS JUST SO SAD SEEING THE BOTH OF THEIR HEART SHATTERED 😭😭πŸ₯Ή

  5. How won? Aperson who left or the one sit in chair

  6. I watched the game live. Seeing Ian's hands shiver as he grabs the chess pieces was really hard to watch. Tells you how devastated he was. 😒

  7. The moment he was grabing the piece is just sad😒

  8. Bro the one who understands chess can be felt it even signas eould have cried at this moment

  9. Nepo: how did you win?
    Ding: Because I am Asian

  10. Context: Ding and Nepo played 14 games. All ended with tie. Played another 4 games tie breaker. 3 of them ties. Very last game Ding won due to Nepo's blunder.

  11. Ding: becomes world champ
    Also Ding: starts losing to Pragg

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