Hikaru and Fabi Battle For The Championship At Norway Chess

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  1. The difference is rivalries are highly emotional with a strong drive to beat the other person. Competitors are more a gentlemans handshake and may the best man win.

  2. โ€œThe perfect loop doesnโ€™t exi-โ€œ

  3. for rivals the fight goes beyond the game, it's a personal fight too rooted in animosy for the other player as a person. its often accompanied with hatred, envy and resentment. for competitors the fight is only about the game. it can be very emotional and passionate too but it won't affect the personal relationship between the players. the last is, as i would say, true sportsmanship.

  4. You keep saying it, but I really don't know who this Chรฆruana is

  5. Hikaru vs Magnus is the true rivaly! Since 2009 or earlier!

  6. No "The clown" and Caruana battle for the championship.

  7. May the best chessmaster win ๐Ÿ—ฟ

  8. Please DO NOT buy the BTS meal if you don't stan them. You're preventing the actual BTS fans who have waited for months from having the BTS meal experience. Eating the sauces without understanding their significance is literally cultural appropriation and it's not okay

  9. Bro i swear Chess is a fun board game but, it starts getting stressful sometimes, especially when you have like a bad position. Or if your not winning.

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