Hikaru and Gothamchess TEAM UP In Chess Tournament??

One of my all time favorite chess matches.

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  1. Great prediction Anna! You are pretty as always ^^ !

  2. Such a great format from a spectators point of view

  3. Anna you are too late I saw the final against Fabi and Christian 😅

  4. I tried to slow it down to 0.75 so I could follow… didn't work 🤯

  5. Hikaru always looks like he's thinking about a match played between a German IM and a Swiss NM in August of 2002 where the Queen's Gambit was refuted by KID and there was a line involving f4-f5 that blew his mind or something like that.

  6. I love how Danya and Hess sound like they're commentating their own match.

  7. Hikaru is annoyed at levy questioning him. Levy needs to show some respect

  8. Hikaru can beat bother these guys with his eyes closed. Levy lost this game.

  9. I alteady watched the official stream and just playing this version in the back ground but i love anna's quips and input. Although annas skilled af and way better than me the way she talked about them and their plays being so wild is being very ralatable.

  10. Seeing you trying to find a place on the screen was hilarious!

  11. I'm from USA. Buzzing is not an expression. Dicey means possible danger – not very certain to be the best move/idea.

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