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  1. levy is allowed to diss my chess into oblivion but my hands are always clean. Unshaved goofy

  2. I bet that levy practise the names of the candidates to not get his tonge twisted😂

  3. Really appreciate these recaps! They do a great job at breaking down the games for smooth-brains like myself, while also being entertaining.

  4. levy can you tell me how i hit brilliant move in 2 games in a row when im 450 elo

  5. Quit with the CLICKBAIT garbage titles Levy, there are no world records here

    The only thing that redeems this video is the hilarious Giga Fried Liver 25:41 remark, that actually was pretty funny 🤣

  6. Am I the only one who feels like the women get way less screentime in these recaps?

  7. She ran into the Great Wall of 🇨🇳 😂

  8. It would be great if you include clips of the live matches to at colour to the recaps

  9. Levy never fails to accuse me of not washing my hands

  10. if gukesh had managed to win in round 6. he could be leading with 6 points but destiny has other plans lets see

  11. Gukesh is gaming i put a grand on him to beat ding in the world championship, those futures looking great

  12. 3:16 toilet paper gambit,rejected variation if you know, you know

  13. Accusing me of not washing my hands, is a new low for you Levi, disappointed in you.

  14. Who is that guy and why is his barber on vacation?

  15. Please upload the new video fastt I have a flight in 5 minutes got to DOWNLOAD it please Gotham

  16. Such a good day. I was at round 8 yesterday, we were in the playing hall watching and when Gukesh played Rf1 i wanted to shout "disgusting" so bad. Later then got an autograph and a picture with him and shortly after with Abasov and Muzychuk.

  17. The thumb with the "88" in the back left me confused.

  18. Lei Tingjie is a gangster.

    Also, really enjoying Alireza's will. Dude has no chill. You better wake up early if you want to take his lunch money…

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