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  1. I cannot overstate how many times you're saying you cannot understate when you mean cannot overstate!!!!

  2. Time for a haircut, my friend. Looking a little shaggy

  3. 06:35 Can someone explain why White can't just take the d4 pawn with their rook? Gotham says "and the bishop can't discovered attack on the king, because it's gonna get taken." That doesn't make sense to me. If you take the pawn and reveal a discovered attack, yes, black can then take the bishop. But you can take back with the rook and then you are now up a pawn…

  4. لماذا لا تشارك انت ايضا 😐

  5. in the second game pragg was like a 300 hundred accindentally preparing something great then blundering it

  6. I don’t understand why you cover the men’s games in so much depth and then breeze through all the women’s games, even when there are tons of tactics involved.

  7. That was the best recap so far, great job levy! althougt you spoiled Gukesh win when you said Firouzja is tied in last place

  8. absolutely love Hikaru but I would like to see Ian v Ding for the ship.. 3rd times the charm lol lfg nepo!

  9. Levy can you make a video about how win against people who literally always trade any piece when the chance arises

  10. Levy loves milking Hikaru and Magnus xD

  11. Amazing games, but the Praag and Nepo game was why I think Fischer random is more entertaining to watch since it circumvents all the prep that can force games into draws or make one "trick" win the game. Obviously it still takes a ton of skill to even get to the point of needing an engine, but it's less improv and more memorization

  12. Youve mentioned Magnus's Name 2620 times in all of your videos.. as a comparison youve mentioned pawns 7040 times and king 1007 times, just saying

  13. Nepo's a zombie. Check Prag for bites please.

  14. "…and he blunders"

    I nearly flipped my laptop

  15. Imagine playing 6 hours and you loose w/ 2 minutes on the clock…

  16. очень спасибо большое с шакиаты

  17. Levy. Be the leader that you are. Equal time for women’s games. You are maybe the only person in the world who can help finish this change in the game.

  18. I’m pulling for Ian

    He’s had heartbreak the last two tournaments

  19. “The King has to be brave, Vidit has to be brave. He. Has. To. Run” lol gotta love chess

  20. Pragg and vidit played like indian cricket team in world cup, completely dominant throughout but fumbling the final

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