Hikaru is Surprised by Magnus opening then he Destroys Him

Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen
Speed Chess Championship
December 2022

credits : twitch.tv/chess
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  1. Magnus rated Hikaru as "most annoying" player and you can see it on his face LOL

  2. They both have kind of an annoying cocky personality but thats what makes them the best, also entertaining and likeable lol.

  3. 9:02 Magnus knight e6 to c5 he would've turned the game around completely

  4. 9:02 Magnus knight e6 to c5 he would've turned the game around completely

  5. Am I the only one who finds it sus that hikaru always stares at the same point? What if there is a monitor with the engine?

  6. Хикару выглядит плохо, как старик.
    А Магнус, невзирая на то что ему за 30, отлично сохранил себя.

  7. Hoodie guy vs The asian who have come to Surpass him

  8. 😂 Magnus really said "Only Magnus can defeat Magnus"

  9. Me thinks if Magnus would stop boozing he might fare better in the long run…

  10. I relate to that post-blunder clarity that Magnus showed like 10 seconds after. Just wanting to turn back time so bad

  11. I don't think Magnus has ever been "destroyed". He may have been defeated now and then, but never, ever, destroyed. Same goes for Hikaru.

    Stop with this overhyped titling.

  12. 10:53 You can tell Magnus left in a hurry to go somewhere and scream. 😂

  13. Both of them shaking their heads in confusion for like 30 seconds has me geeking

  14. Que payasos, increíble que estos tipos ganen tanto dinero, sin mover un dedo.

  15. I really wouldn't like playing online matches at all. Im always open for a traditional chess game 😁

  16. can someone explain why magnus didn’t take the white rook with the pawn

  17. Always love how they walk away in disgust lol

  18. Does Robert’s Middle Name start with a “C”? That’d make him “Michael C.HESS”, right? 😎😎🤓

  19. I love to see that arrogant punk lose. He’s such a cry baby when he loses.

  20. Magnus wasn't in his mood in the 5+1, since he was so slow and gave pawns and a piece for free


  22. Love that Magnus resigned on his own terms haha with 0.2 seconds left

  23. Clickbait title for this video, it was a mouse slip in the opening, and obviously not a blunder by the world champion.

  24. This is actually my first time seeing Hikaru win against Magnus online although he has done it many times before this is my first time with Ice Chess's video

  25. Siempre me hacen reir la caras que pone el Jaones Hikaru Nakamura … xD

  26. can someone explain why magnus didnt take the rook with the pawn on c5 at 2:10

  27. hikaru is just too sharp and too quick to ever have an easy win against. always a blast to watch these two

  28. Hikaru’s facial expressions really piss me off, he looks like someone who is exaggerating everything like he’s on children’s tv

  29. Hikaru vs Magnus
    The rock vs John Cena of the chess world

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