Hikaru literally doesn’t care! Nakamura vs Pragg | Tata Steel Chess India 2022 | Commentary by Sagar

Hikaru Nakamura is one of the best blitz players in the world of chess. In fact when the Tata Steel Chess India began he had an Elo of 2909 making him the number one blitz player in the world. In the last round of the tournament he was up against Praggnanandhaa, one of the best talents out there. It was an encounter that everyone was waiting for! Hikaru had the white pieces and opened with 1.c4. Pragg responded with 1…e5 and we had an extremely original position after just a few moves! Who came out on top? Did the world class GM win or the prodigious 17-year-old youngster?

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Its very rare to see on SGM tournament that the game just ended in the middlegame….Honestly this is the first time for me…..

  2. Its not that big a deal for Hikaru since he is 300 rating points above Prag.

  3. The commentator is a grandmaster.
    For those wondering how is he soo good😂

  4. The commentater predicted every move earlier thn hikaru and pragg

  5. "That is interesting and active okay by the little boy" 😆

  6. I never imagined that chess could be so exciting, of course all thanks to the commentator

  7. What???? The ratings of hikaru show up is 2909?

  8. Why did they both shake their heads a little 'no' ?

  9. This commentary is beautiful! Is it done live?

  10. Alright just subscribed because the commentary was top tier. Wow. I would not have understood half of this match without them. So good!

  11. am I the only one who didn't like the commentary? 🤨

  12. Pinche Nakamkra, siempre haciéndose el mamón

  13. Thank saga shar for making watching chess entertaining

  14. U should do old games with commentary like that.

  15. kmHikaru distroys indian players. as carlsen do every time hhhhhh the commentator is in pain hhh

  16. Sagar shah is the magus carlsen of commentary….

  17. Hikaru looking for tips from the chess God (when looks at the ceiling) will never get old😂

  18. Sagar on fire 🔥" can hikaru see this move " 😭

  19. Hikaru facial expression seems he is sad winning this.

  20. commentator like the Indian Nikola Tesla or something 😄

  21. Nakamura is such an underrated player, the guy thinks ahead of all his opponents, he's truly ahead of the curve

  22. 7:46 why is he skaking his head all the time? like he is disgusted with something

  23. the commentator needs to calm down india has a lot of talent but he needs to be objective

  24. Since these two stalemated & today one lost, they should play each other right away.

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