Hikaru Nakamura Battles Against Magnus Carlsen’s Speed

At Norway Chess 2023, we saw a battle of the titans as Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen took to the board in the Blitz portion and went toe-to-toe til Magnus’ Speed just completely took over.

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  1. I thought this was a boxing match.. hahaha

  2. Magnus is starting to look and act weird like fisher

  3. Wait, I'm not a good chess player but how is this game over? They both have a castle. White king takes pawn, then what? How is this over? I don't get it. Someone please explain. Thank you

  4. Queen exchange your beginning on white 🤍

  5. ini tetap menang Carlsen ? atau remis ya ?? 🤔

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  7. I love how magnus dominates in all of his endgames

  8. This stream's quality is miserable to watch especially during that tense endgame.

  9. and of course magnus accuses yet another player of cheating with a vibrating butt plug

  10. It'd be cool if these big brains worked on cancer treatments or something. Smartest dudes on the planet playing a board game 😕 whatever happend to the dude that cheated with the anal beads?

  11. the quick zoom in on Nakamura's "hmmmm" face when Danya said "he could even take back the knight with the King" was just a hilarious moment and proof of why Danya is the best at this xD

  12. 8:10 what about Kg2 instead of Re8? isnt the black knight trapped?

  13. Repent for your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus now he is coming

  14. I dont get it… Nobody won. Or was it that time ran out?

  15. why did you delete the very end that was the best part. didn't show the hand shake or anything

  16. Seriously Hikaru. Threw that away in my opinion

  17. Hikaru must really be sick of losing to this guy 😂

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