Hikaru Nakamura Goes Streaking: Arena Kings Blitz Chess Tournament

Hikaru Nakamura tries his hand at the 3|0 blitz chess Arena Kings tournament. He racks up many wins and a lengthy streak on the way to a dominant performance!

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  1. Streak 24 😂 i even can't do it for only 3 streak 😂

  2. cmon Hikaru how are u rated 3000+ but cant tell that a sword w a gun would clearly beat a gun w a sword

  3. Love Naka but him speaking in third person is cringe lol. 16:46 the dread of possibly losing to a 1300 player.

  4. RolloOrollo, Sweetheart, you are going to kick yourself for all eternity for missing Qxd5+ 16.47.

  5. Games starts and Nakamura won't answer the door even though it's just kids trying to get some candy on Halloween. That opening was called "Check or treat", I believe.

  6. how can we do the arrows and choose the move before it is his turn???

  7. Ah yes.. just a 20 game winning streak… I'm used to that too, so much so I dont even mention it.

  8. 'Nakamura Goes Streaking' can have more than one meaning, y'know.

  9. I was just thinking they could do keyboard control, like press a letter from asdfghij and a number 12345678… and that would select a square, and then another pair and that would mean move the piece on the first square to the second. I think once you got used to it it would be a lot faster than the mouse.

  10. What is he doing with the mouse? Why is he double clicking so hard to place a piece?

  11. offering a draw for no good reason makes you look like a wimp

  12. hikaru is still wondering the meaning of that bishop h6

  13. 1:19:41 when you see your opponent has that pon structure you know something has gone wrong

  14. 16:53 'omg ! I just hanged d5 I would have just lost the game right there !'

    Me (having no clue): hmm, so you call this game: chess? =)

  15. Why does his mouse make that annoying click sound. Drives me crazy

  16. I had a streak once in a chess tourney irl. It wasn't well-received.

  17. What's next, the "Sweet Transvestite Transexual from Transylvania" Opening?

  18. hikaru starts talking
    5 Minutes later
    Hikaru: blah blah blah

  19. So, just to clarify, runs 26 wins in a row against very strong players, I noticed many of them were in the 2400-2600+ range, while half the time talking about things like maybe going to Antartica. Insane.

  20. 3:10 kids in my neighborhood they write your address down next year your house gets egged

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