Hikaru With Lead Faces Ding! Can Vaishali, Magnus & Alireza Continue Winning? Norway Chess 2024 Rd 5

Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments, bringing together top players from around the globe to compete in a six-player double round-robin in Stavanger, Norway. World number-one, Magnus Carlsen, is joined by world champion, Ding Liren, former World Championship challenger, Fabiano Caruana, as well as chess superstars Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa!

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  1. Kinda find it ironic how this narration towards ding liren would only worsen him psychologically. I feel like the best way to approach it is just to focus on the game and the game only. To emphatize and pity him would only worsen his condition is just stupid i feel like

  2. What kind of pathetic stream is this?
    You didn't even show hikaru Winning the game, drooling about carlsen and Alireza drawing the whole time…pathetic

  3. Kasihan Ding, makin bungkuk, skill jg makin berkurang drastis … 😭😭😭

  4. Too much talk about Ding. And the usual BS disingenuous talk about "no one likes to talk about it, but it's a major storyline.". Yes, talking about someone's perceived emotional or mental health problems always get's clicks, views, and interest from the public. While also creating more stress for the person being talked about. Sorry, it's cruel and motivated by our more base instincts as well as financial interests. I wish Chess24 would take a higher road because they do a great job overall.

  5. Anna pliz respect Dings mental status shameless joke there. 😢

  6. i suggest they replace this lady, worst commentator yet, by far.

  7. THE world Champ DING wish is not to be last! I guess his wish wont come true!

  8. Yikes, how do you guys completely miss most of the final moments of the Magnus game? Fire your producer lol. Why even watch live? Massive blunder.

  9. Even in a light-hearted quiz contest Magnus is a douche

  10. Wish Danny would stop talking. Cringe commentary plus he's the only male non-GM who is commentating the whole chess world. Danny has little true understanding of chess besides Danny's favorite IM opening the dubious Blumenfeld gambit. Watch Danny's match with Lawrence Trent where he could not figure out how to deal with Nc6 in the French over the course of a 4 hour match with many breaks. Non-GM, cringe jokes, little true understanding. Howell deserves to be there, but he is too nice to tell the truth to chesscom that Danny is not deserving of this role. Not even close! Talk about corporate nepotism. Sad. STOP CORPORATE NEPOTISM.

  11. time for Naka's fifth win in a row as white against Fabi

  12. Can you please not put Danny in the commentary. He makes everything about himself telling a story about anything just to put himself in the conversation or he makes theories based on how a player acts when all they do is shake their head lmao. He makes things awkward even the girl besides him knows that but she can't tell him anything because he's the CEO💀😂

  13. Rensch, take a break. You're stinking up the streams.

  14. vaishali has gone mad this toournament💀💀💀💀

  15. David is such a class commentator. Danny and Anna are like amateurs, making insensitive comments about players. David must be annoyed with these two

  16. Please stop commentating on the mental state of Ding Liren. Purely speculative, and truly not helpful to him or anyone else. To be quite frank, as a listener it is annoying, and that’s coming from someone who truly enjoys these tournaments.

  17. 3:31:26 wtf is he saying? "new guinees world record for the longest chess car event"?

  18. Is that right? Vaishali is 2 points in the lead?

  19. The great Indian Chess Triple: Gukesh, Arjun and Pragg

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