How a St. Louis chess tournament got the world buzzing

After the reigning world champ withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup, some chess fans speculated his opponent used vibrating personal devices to win.



  1. Magnus should be sanctioned for his outrageous behaviors leading to this ridiculous witch hunt. However, Magnus holds so much power and influence so that FIDE is not punishing Magnus at all. Shame on other GMs too for licking Magnus' boot and fueling this witch hunt further.

  2. Thank you for interviewing me! I loved being a part of this historical event for St. Louis!

  3. Hahaha she said Mangus.. Bet this clip goes viral in the chass community

  4. "There is no such thing as bad publicity."..Whether there was cheating or not, this brings spotlight to the world of chess..

  5. Every player even champions may have bad day and can do wrong moves. They just may also blame it in the ghost.
    I would not believe in but plug can teach you what piece you will move

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