How An Indian Chess Tournament Is Held?

Take this experience-tour by IM Rakesh Kulkarni as he acquaints you with particulars involved in conduct of a national chess tournament in India!

The entire video was shot at Kanpur during the MPL National Senior Chess Championship 2022!

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  1. Ordinary and special entry fee kya hoti h

  2. Arjun tournament khel raha tha toh aur kaun jeet sakta hai😂

  3. In this video I learnt a lot of things about tournamentAnd my memory of my last tournament also got refreshed🥰

  4. Awesome video .🔥Rakesh sir❤️
    Niranjan sir cameo😂

  5. Great video. 4:40 looks like niranjan sir is called only for acting.. he is not in between tha game.

  6. Why do we still need this notice board thing and a lot of flex boards these days..? Indian chess is going to reach the moon. AICF has to be more professional. BTW nice video

  7. बहुत बढ़िया प्रेजेंटेशन 👍👏

  8. Nice video Rakesh bhai! Looks like you got a lot of content for future videos and miniclips during the National Championship. Did you get a chance to enjoy Kanpur’s chaat, food and sweets?

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