How I Accidentally Won a Chess Tournament

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  1. from winning a chess tournament to hosting a chessboxing tournament

  2. love u lid well done but btw it’s not a sac if u take the piece back

  3. why do they get pros then northern lion gets someone less good then him lol

  4. did'nt know til today that fundy is good at chess

  5. 22:57 wouldn't knight c4 a better play? (I apologize for my poor english)

  6. This dude really started playing the my hero music💀💀

  7. He said his queen was taken by his king not the opponent’s

  8. i am fench and am happy to see a french player in the finals

  9. Lemme correct something I became the second best chess streamer in twitch because Hikaru is the best

  10. So hear me out this is how it went. A slightly overhyped player got knocked out to show just how serious the main character really was. After that the main character thinks they lose… but in a last second recount scrapes into finals. Where he meets his long term rival, the one who on paper is better than the main character in every way, but in practical situations the main character takes a win to the dismay of the rival. Then, out of left field the main villain comes along. The one that is said to win it all, gets destroyed in an upset for the main character…. idk man sounds like the tournament of power, the chunin trials, bleach rescue arc, kind of mha duels….. All of them apply

  11. game 3 against northernlion wasn't a bishop sacrifice. it was just a winning trade

  12. La espeda bg music make this commentry look good.

  13. this guy seems to have a "Lucky-Level:MAX" or maybe he created those "accidentally"-s

  14. 19:30 thats not a sacrifice. the bishop is fully protected by the pawn

  15. Robert Hess.. For a moment i thought u were talking about Rudolf Hess, but i thankfully heard wrong

  16. The words of Rudolf Hess have started to speak to him

  17. If age doesen't matter then rating doesen't matter

  18. imagine you're having a chess tournament about a dope thing and you are really good

  19. 12:43 How did the Queen change position from e2 to f3 ? If you moved it , it should have been Black's turn to move not your's again???

  20. something's fishy…
    you said that the "brain" would pick what piece to move, so… how did they capture with the rook? did hikaru made that blunder trapping the rook? 4:36 it doesn't look like it, it looks like he knows what was going to happen
    or did hikaru say "pawn" and xqc proceded to move the rook instead?

  21. you it is good with the bleach sound in the back

  22. Lud I’m no Gm at chess but on the first game you could’ve got a bishop queen trade at the start

  23. The fact that Hikaru said pawn instead of rook blows my mind

  24. I was waiting for the accident part but you really just earned it

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