How I Accidentally Won a Chess Tournament

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  1. I just noticed Ludwig's eyes don't line up and now I can't un see it

  2. bro stop bringing yourself down so much 😅😅😂

  3. 19:22 "Best strategy possible in the position." and "he took me which was the biggest mistake"
    Dude, this bishop trade is garbage and f4 after trade was so winning. It's actually funny that blacks's 'brain' suggested a king move lmao

  4. Commentary from a chess GM is the most confusing thing ever because if they're not playing 5 people at once then they know the entire layout of the board start to finish, they remember every move made and they think of every move super fast, knowing all of the location names no matter how the board is oriented white or black, and you just listen to them saying some bullshit stuff like "E9 A3 F7 B2 F8" super super fast but nobody who plays chess even knows what is going on. It's insane how fast their brain is in chess they are literal super computers they could probably beat the perfect chess AI robot and I'm pretty sure someone has even.

  5. 4:11 Wait if this was 2 player chess and Hikaru choses what piece to move then it's Hikaru's blunder…

  6. Maybe I should check GMHesse out. Or…….
    Are there any channels that would be good to learn chess from? Clearly I need to start playing it, I keep seeing content on it and it'd probably be the one brainpower game I could play and have fun with!

  7. i can’t unsee luds eyes one is placed lower than the other

  8. I think he slept with one of the judges haha xd

  9. I’m waiting for how I accidentally become a GM video

  10. The other title of this video: "How Robert Hess used his 9'th pawn to become the best chess player on twitch for a day."

  11. Ludwig……. Im ten and im better at chess and gaming then you 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I've watched this when it came out and well I didn't know shit about chess
    and now i've rewatched it with some experience in chess and it feels so much better

  13. I’m surprised that he used the threefold repetition rule to end the game with fundy

  14. this video was actually amazing the commentary, the suspense, Ludwig being amazing in general it definitely deserves millions of likes and views

  15. how does he keep winning he won in mario strikers without ever playing now he won chess just how

  16. Ludwig just became an anime main character

  17. Hey wow my name is also Robert Hess what a coincidence.

  18. Hess' words of encouragement also gave me goosebumps sheesh

  19. That’s why I like playing slow players cause you use there clock

  20. when he was playing fundy couldnt fundy block with pawn making it not a draw or am i blind?

  21. Dont worry once i accidentally won the lotto

  22. Man said " best chess player on twitch" like Hikaru doesn't exist

  23. Insert "call the ambulance…., but not for me" meme.

  24. "I think he slept with one of the judges" ludwig~2021

  25. I’ve watched this video so many times, his commentary is just so good

  26. Indeed, ur Bc6 move shouln't be on great move, it should be on BRILLIANT!

  27. "Admittedly they did give him an extra 3 minutes of extra time i dont know why i think he slept with one of the judges" THAT WHOLE PHRASE BURSTED MINE LUNGS

  28. At 22:50 when he’s talking about that blunder he could’ve moved his other knight up for either a good trade or neutral trade,

  29. this is like my 6th full watch of this video, Lud is just so damn good at commentary. feels like i’m watching an anime, especially with the music

  30. Man really used the power of god and anime to win. God damn…

  31. coming back to add connor to this list of people hes lost chess to😌

  32. “The best chess streamer on” Hikaru:😐

  33. him saying it was easy winning to against the same guy who won and beat him at pog champs, saying it was easy winning is gonna bite him in the ass

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