How I Accidentally Won Twitch’s Biggest Chess Tournament

ChokeDawg is no more! I am now ChessDawg 🔥

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  1. After all the L's he finally got W 😂❤

    super unrelated but Connor kinda reminded me of Yung Gravy idk-

  2. Levy's commentary on Bh6 is a bit off base.

    When in a losing position setting up traps is not a bad idea.

    The trick is only to do this when you believe you've lost, and after d3 Nc2 this condition is fulfilled.

    Check out "The complete Chess Swindler" for more info on this type of thing.

  3. Still crazy how Frank basically cheated by getting help and still lost. LMAOOOOO

  4. Worst Cdawg tournament arc. Didn't even end in a choke

  5. Sad to see that Frank has kinda fallen off since (imo), I hope he continues grinding at chess and making content in general

  6. You know what would have been epic if this edits analysis was done by Gothamchess, like a convo of him and Connor and Gotham just telling Connor his mistakes.

  7. Lmao frank the clown getting trained by a grandmaster and still getting his ass whooped

  8. Domain Expantion: Porn Addiction
    minght be one of the best I've heard

  9. Good job finding chessmate in the second game of the finals

  10. sykuno, losing: 🙂
    connor, winning: 😭😣😫

  11. 55:28 "And luckily for me, I had found CHESSMATE just in the nick of time" What tf is chessmate lol

  12. GM and Master level chess players commentating lower level player games in an excited way is probably my favorite thing ever.

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