How to find chess tournaments to play in India (AICF)?

Important links:-
Aicf website –
Fide website –
Karnataka chess website –
Tamil Nadu chess website –

Informative videos:-
How to register at AICF –
How FIDE Rating is calculated –
Registering in a chess tournament –

This video explains the simple process of finding out chess tournaments happening near you. This video will also help you understand different types of tournaments that happen in India. You will also understand the registration process at AICF for a new player. I wish you the very best in your tournaments.


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  1. Is there is no one for gujarat please 😢😢

  2. Sir , i have not played any chess tournament till now, sir can I directly play upcoming fede classical chess tournament and please also say me that can I participate on my one and not needed to include my name in a association ???

  3. I am 16 yrs old and I live in west Bengal and for me it's only possible to start playing FIDE rated tournaments within West Bengal or Jharkhand because going to Pune, Delhi, Udaipur or Southern states will not possible in this moment because First of all I have to perfom very well within the circuit then only after good performances parents will allow. Now from last 6 months I am preparing very hard in chess so that whenever I will play my first rated tournament I will atleast target get a rating of 1500 classical . Now my main problem is there is only 2 tournaments registered in the above mentioned states (Jharkhand and W. B.) and even in that the Brochure is not available !! So is there any other way to get details of those particular Tournaments? Both the state board Association’s website sucks

  4. sir i have no rating but i want to participation how much is the registration fee

  5. Sir where to find online chess tournament ?

  6. Is there any other way to register at low price instead of paying 3000 for a single tournament 😢

  7. I have a question. Just after registering in AICF am i eligible to play fide rated tournaments? Or only open tournaments? Would be grateful if you reply

  8. I don't have any ratting, so what i should do after registration ,or which type of matches i should play,and i want to make carrier in it,btw your video is so helpful thanks a lot ❤

  9. Would you mind sharing your social media? I've few questions

  10. What if I go to 1 location and they say who the fù.k are you get out of here 😂 is some qualification need or they let me in to play

  11. I have not played any tournament and i am not fide rated which tournament i can join open rated or tournament like below 1600? First time

  12. Sir, how do I apply for the tournament in Amritsar?😢😢

  13. Bro why is chhattisgarh chess website not opening
    Am I clicking on the fake/wrong website?

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