How to Get a FIDE Rating, My First Chess Tournament

How to Get a FIDE Rating, My First Chess Tournament


  1. how to play fide rated game i means the platform

  2. Finally I realised online unrated players are way stronger having played minimum 1500 games.

  3. I like the part where he explains how to get a fide rating

  4. I am unrated and i have played 4 tournament and i did 3.5/6 but fide rated tournament required time of 2-3 day and my father is not free

  5. hey sir, Can you please make a video about getting into tournaments, there's little to no information on how to start playing and all the fees including tournaments, it would be very appreciated thank you😊

  6. What's your take on learning chess as an adult?Currently 22 and finding it hard to learn the game

  7. I like how there was always also bishop checkmate haha

  8. Don’t say His name in vain.

  9. I thought you were going to say ' There was a huge pool of blood around me'

  10. i still dk how people play one game in 6 hours, i like 10+0 rapid thats it lol.

  11. Love how this funny and informative at the same time 🤣

  12. Is Video ke liye thank you yaar. Abhi kuch mahine pehle mei scholars mate karta tha ab mei accha hu. Dekha jay mei kab apni pehli FIDE ki match khel paataa hu

  13. 3:18 aap 1.e4 kab se khelne lage tickoo ji? London system par bahishkar hai kya?

  14. It looks very scripted 😑✨✨🤫🤫

  15. I have Doubts regarding FIDE ID : Can you tell Me what is it, How/When to Create It and Do I need It before I join a FIDE Rated Tournament? Thank You.

  16. All the games which you played is offline or online

  17. I would love to play but 1 tournament costs ₹3000 its alot man. this is the reason I can't play

  18. Bhai pehla tournament Faridabad me khela tha?

  19. What was your age when you played your first tournament ?

  20. Started the video and was finding it funny, after finishing the video found it motivating… Thanks a lotttt ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  21. I literally fell from my chair when you played a5 in the first game

  22. This is the funniest first chess event story ever. Good job on not quiting after getting taken thoroughally to the cleaners.

  23. Don't feel bad. I think your first two opponents were using stockfish.

  24. Can you please make a video about how in that 1 year you trained to become so good ?

  25. I wish I was good at chess. I've started playing 2 days ago xD

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