How to get into a chess tournament

Would you like to participate in a competition against other chess players? It can be a challenging and fun experience at the same time. Let’s discover how to get into a chess tournament and what requirements one should meet.

How to get into a chess tournament

Necessary steps

  • Find the contest you want to join. Many players receive their first tournament experience at a local chess community (club). It’s relatively simple and convenient. In addition, you can always ask your trainer for advice.
  • Register for the event. It can be available in several forms depending on the organizer. Sometimes, you can go to their website and apply for the competition online. For serious and large-scale events you may need to pre-register by mail. Remember, there is also an entry fee all players should pay.
  • Become a member of your Federation. It’s necessary to join the organization that is rating the contest you chose. For instance, in the US it will likely be the USCF.
  • Ensure you are on the list of registered participants before the very beginning. It is usually posted on a wall in the area where the event takes place.

How to get into a chess tournament for scholastics

Generally, scholastic competitions in chess are run similarly. But there are a few important distinctions. First, the organizers will more likely provide the equipment. Besides, it isn’t crucial to get a membership in the respective organization. Most local events of the sort also have an unrated section. Thus, they give everyone a chance to win a trophy by playing against other beginners.


Now you know how to get into a chess tournament and what steps to take. Hopefully, you can use this information as a guide and join the contest you want. Do you like chess? Join chess clubs in Laredo, Texas today.