How To Play In Chess Tournaments


0:00 Intro
0:30 Part 1 – Finding Tournaments
10:50 Part 2 – Tournament Rules
19:45 Part 3 – Etiquette

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  1. Im 800 elo online and wanna join a club and become better. Is going to tournaments a good idea? (I beat a 1100 once)

  2. very complete video. the only thing we missed were your shirt sleeves.

  3. i love watching these even tho i already know everythung

  4. My first chess tournament is gonna be sunday feb 12th!!! Im so excited and anxious wish me luck omgg😫😫😫

  5. 21:33 i was in chess tournament in my school and it was louder then 2 elephants fighting and one guy is freely verbally harassing everybody he plays against and later thing how cool it is. So i just want to say Bosnia is not a place at all to go to kids tournaments

  6. Can you do a london version? I'm really struggling to find a tournament in london. Pls any help will be appreciated

  7. i have school chess tournament tomorrow goodluck to me ☠️

  8. What happens if you want to play in a kids tournament but ur rating is too low to enter ur age group

  9. You know, I'm actually doing my first chess tournament in March. Wish me luck!

  10. This was really helpful to me. Thank You!

  11. I have My first tournament March 11, I am a bit nervous

  12. This video brought back some memories. When I was cleaning out my room, I found two old scorecards from games I played in tournaments while in elementary school. I analyzed the games and realized that I was super trash. I’m now much better and am second best in my high school’s chess club. Maybe now is the time to get back into tournaments. This video was very helpful and informative.

  13. real life chess just sucks azz compared to online 😂

  14. 29:50 Lol…If you haven't got the attention span to watch a 30 minute video, then you probably haven't got the attention span for a 2 hour OTB chess game.

  15. Why shouldn't you bring a wooden chess set? I think I would be distracted playing on a wrinkly vinyl board.

  16. I’m about to go to my first one I’m so nervous but excited aswell!!!

  17. This might sound insane considering these aren’t major tournaments but are people hypothetically allowed to bring electronic boards that notate for you?

  18. The Indian chess federation membership fee is just around 3 dollars lol

  19. I never resine because the match will end in stalemate

  20. My first tournament is tomorrow and thought I have been practicing I think I still make a lot of mistakes thanks for the video it’s helpful 😅🙏🙏

  21. Do you need this uscf card to play in these tournaments ?

  22. I had my first tournament recently and I wish I watched this video before the tourney. I interrupted my opponent to ask to check his notation and, although he didn't mind, the arbiter warned me about this and I thought he made a joke, not realizing it's bad etiquette. The final game I played against a 10 year old girl and put two chocolate sweets next to the board and told her that would be her prize. Was that bad etiquette? She beat me and gave me a sweet.

  23. What elo level should I start going to tournaments? I'm a 1100.

  24. Are you allowed to video record games? Say put a small camera on the side of the board? Not necessarily a cell phone but maybe like a body camera or something to be able to review the game if needed?

  25. If i play 5 rounds and finsih before time is over what do i do while i wait for next round do i take break from chess or do i practice chess and what do i practice puzzles or play a random peraon that is also at tournement

  26. Hey Levy.

    I will be attending my unrated tournament this week on Saturday. Time control is 5 minutes / 0 (Blitz). I am not so good at Blitz games but I wanted to get a feel for how Chess tournaments are; since they're unrated, it would help me get better at Chess. I am 40 years old, getting older, and I am discouraged from time to time that my gaming ability in Chess may be hampered by my age. A man who reached 57 years of age became a Grandmaster; it still motivates me to want to learn more about Chess and hopefuly get to be a GM before 57 years old.

    We'll see how my Chess tourney goes this week. Thanks for this video! It helped me a lot.

  27. i qualified for the nationals thank you for helping me getting better and not to mention i got hare from my first tournament so thank you stresing alot tho

  28. What if your opponent declines your resignation?

  29. Im here cuz this saturday im joining my first one

  30. Thank you for this. i was nervous to go for the first match.

  31. Ok but what if I don't live in the US?

  32. I am going to my first IRL chess tournament next week (saturday), wish me luck kings.

  33. i was lucky for seeing this in time because tomorrow i have school tournament i will let you know if i win

  34. In Greece the opponent is forced to tell you that he is threatening your king.

  35. Relax. Its all quite easy! I think this is something that would improve your game. Or Mr Gotham Chess game. If you dont know the rules, chances are it is your first time at the rodeo. So relax. If you do know the rules, relax. Be a good sport. If you see someone who is new to the game help them relax. Remind them if they forget to hit their clock. Lets help other people learn to love chess. Be respectful. Be kind. Be helpful.

  36. its sad that where I live, Belitung, Indonesia, we dont have a lot of chess tournaments, let a lone the fide rated ones, i hope it changes

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