How To Play In Chess Tournaments


0:00 Intro
0:30 Part 1 – Finding Tournaments
10:50 Part 2 – Tournament Rules
19:45 Part 3 – Etiquette

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  1. What happens if your opponent touch his king but he actually cannot move it?

  2. What happens if your opponent does an impossible move? e.g. moving a piece that protects their king.

  3. I have to say I never really thought about attending a tournament until I watched this video. Let's see how it goes, hahahaha. Thanks, Levi!

  4. I have the hardest fucking time finding regular tournaments in my area and I live in LA.

  5. I’d love a video discussing reasons for the explosion.

  6. In general very useful video as I personally went to a chess club to learn more. But Levy is over excited. Sometimes hard to follow.

  7. I heard from FIDE rated player that you have to take opponents piece first when capturing and only then move your piece. Is it part of the etiquette? Or even rules?

  8. Have my first tournament coming up in about week. Thank you sm for this video, without it I would be clueless 😅

  9. Are there specific dress attire for chess tournaments ot just weat what you normally would?

  10. Anybody who lies about who touched the piece should automatically be disqualified once it’s proven.

  11. This video would have been great for when I first told my parents I wanted to play in chess tournaments. Luckily, my area has some great tournaments for kids that introduce them and their parents to tournaments.

    Last weekend I just played in a chess tournament. I earned some cash! Another thing about chess tournaments is finding time to eat. We weren't allowed to eat inside the venue so everyone ate outside. The only restaurant nearby was a sit down restaurant that I did not have the time to go to. You have to find time to eat between rounds which can be pretty unpredictable. My games lasted almost the full time so I had little time between rounds to eat. I just packed some leftovers, something easy to snack on. (Plain white rice anyone?)

    Also, chess tournaments are definitely very very male. I've been the only female player at times. The tournaments I attend also are like 80% children (myself included). Some of them are really little (like 4 or 5). Family members comment on whether grown adult (men) mind losing to a teenage girl.

    On scholastic tournaments (tournaments only for kids), I've never seen any that were separated by age besides the state championships. They all had one big section for kids of all ages. Therefore, as a nine-year-old I was paired against kids much older or younger than me. I was never intimidated but it might be intimidating for younger kids. Once I was playing a seven-year-old who started crying during the game. 🙁

    Notation is definitely something I take for granted online. I am terrible at notating and almost always make mistakes so the game is unplayable afterwards. At the tournaments I was at a couple of days ago, I messed up notation for all the games I've tried to analyze so far. Despite playing in tournaments for years, I can't figure it out.

    Also, I have the same clock as you (DGT North American). It's also not the cheapest. My clock was like 50 bucks but you can get some for like 20. Setting 20 allows you to set any amount of time and delay. Settings 17-19 have various preset time controls with delays. You could make a whole video on how to set a chess clock! It'd probably get like 5 views though.

  12. I'll stick to online playing…I don't think I'll ever be capable of such a confrontation like a real-life chess game…

  13. Probably your best video of all-time. Yet it only has 140k views. Sucks that beginners will never get anywhere in chess because they won't play in otb

  14. Me losing all my time trying to figure out what move my opponent just played so I can write it down

  15. Played my first OTB tournament. Had an opponent try to cheat with an illegal move while I was away from the board in Round 4.

  16. Filiming your games… cool? Not cool?

  17. I just got home from a round of a tournament, I used to be decent against the 6th player of our state in our school, but I was so anxious that I blundered a queen on 2 seperate occasions, even against my friend who was a bad player💀

  18. You helped me get to 1300 blitz and 2200 puzzles

  19. How do you start getting a fide rating? I'm new to this rating?

  20. I have a tourney tmrw and im watching this before i sleep

  21. thank you now i can do better in my chess tournament (district level)

  22. Playing my first tournament in December. This is exactly the video I needed to feel better about going.

  23. Your welcome for the 3 dollars I got a add

  24. Why would you ever resign without dropping your king?
    Must be these online kids have no respect…. 😉

  25. Do you have to give a handshake before the match, or do only high rated players do this?

  26. I have been looking for this information a long time… didn't know that my favorite youtuber I watch all day has a video about it… COOL!!

  27. thank you very informative and fun to hear i may go to one after i get better need to find a pc game toplay at home im curious if there is onemost use?

  28. Im thinking about playing my first otb tournament in a few months. Im 31 years old. I dont mind playing kids but not gonna lie, if the kid starts lying to the ref about me touching a piece when i havent, not sure how i can keep a poker face lol

  29. Today i played my first ever chess tournament and until now i have never commented to any of your vids.And after a long tournament and big fights i come home and watch some gotham as normally, and as i saw your vid i thinked, now i have to comment, as i do now. I have reached the second place in my age and i have to thank you for so much teaching.I learned so much tactics,strategies and even how to name moves.Now i want to send you a big thanks for all that. With respect one of your silent viewers. P.S. And i hope you will eventually see my comment.

  30. Thank you so much for making this. Just played my first chess tournament today and all the advice was really helpful, especially the part on how to resign games!

  31. One thing I would like to add is that your health, both mental and physical, comes before your rating.

  32. For someone who has Fide ID, but never played any games has none rating nor title, so what rating do they give you when your participate in tournaments?

  33. Are there featured tables at chess tournaments?

  34. 1)how do we offer a draw?
    2)how to resign or what should we say while resigning (or just handshake?)?

  35. I did play an online tournament a few weeks ago. Will try to play an offline tournament soon, great to find exactly the video I am looking for, forwarded by a commenter

  36. thank you. this helped me win nationals in south africa no joke (for my age)

  37. Does anyone know how to find tournaments in Croatia? Great video btw Levy.

  38. 2423 Rating

    "disgustingly low"

    0_0 yea man, totally.

  39. How do I promote in a chess tornament if i dont have a piece avaliable? For example my queen hasn't been taken, but I want to promote my pawn into a queen.

  40. What if the opponent or i make an illegal move?

  41. if you are the only one at a Tournament who has for example 3 points, are u allowed then to play players with 2 or 4 or do you have to wait until one of them gets to 3

  42. I'm about to go to my first over-the-board tournament on Saturday, and this has helped a lot! Thanks Levy!

  43. 4:07 my phone stays on dark mode so I appreciate the apology 💯 🤣 🤣

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