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Episode 4 – Adult Improver Neal Bruce on How to prepare for your first tournament

Chess tournaments are a unique world, with their own written and unwritten rules. Adult Improver Extraordinaire, Neal Bruce joins Ben to share the experience of playing his first chess tournament at age 40!

With so many chess enthusiasts trying out or returning to competitive tournament chess, it is great to get some advice to keep in mind when competing.

Our three tips to make the most of your first tournament experience:

1. Focus on the process, not the result (don’t be harsh on yourself, learn from your mistakes)
2. Commit to playing more than one tournament (get comfortable with your level, enjoy playing chess)
3. Conduct yourself with grace (make friends, don’t be ashamed or upset with your results)

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  1. I think it's good to play over the board before you do a tournament chess clubs (especially in universities) usually open to anyone at least once a week. So play often in person as you're training even through online chess gives you the opportunity to practice a lot more.

  2. POV im watching this the day before my first tournament

  3. Day after tomorrow I have my first otb tournament, will play against rated and I'm heree todayy

  4. POV: you watch this 2 weeks before chess tournament so you can dominate the tournament 💀

  5. Watching this 1 hour before my first tournament. Let’s see how it goes…

  6. I have my first chess tournament in a couple of days… wish me luck

  7. Watching this the night before my first tournament. This helped a lot. Thanks for the video

  8. Watching this before my first tournament in Brazil. Lá vamos nós!

  9. I used to compete in tournaments in my country few years back, nothing serious managed to get to 1,5k rating but hardest part as a pack a day smoker was not being alowed to smoke there, I had to get to toilet during some matches to Hit my Vape atleast haha. I just prefer Online rapid chess theese days, where i can play game, chill and chainsmoke like chimney. Also theese tournaments are exhausting, it kinda feels like Doing Hard Math exam in college as i experienced both so it is comparable.

  10. tomorrow is mine 1st tournament,,,,,im 18 btw

  11. I'm gonna have a tournament this may

  12. I have my first tournament tommorow and am freaking out…

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