How was one of the biggest chess tournament of Hyderabad arranged | Sandeep Naidu | Ekagra Chess

The First edition of Ekagra All India Open Fide Rated Chess Tournament kicks concluded today at the Sri Kotla Vijay Bhaskar Reddy indoor stadium, Yousufguda, Hyderabad, Telangana. The Top seed was R.R. GM Laxman along with other participants IM Krishna Teja N, IM Rakesh Kumar Jena, WGM Pratyusha Bodda, GM Karthikeyan P., and IM Ramanathan Balasubramaniam. IM Rakesh Jena won the tournament by scoring an unbeaten 8/9 with two draws on better title breaks. Manigandan S.S. finished second also with 8/9 and IM Ramanathan Balasubramaniam finished third with 8/9.

Sandeep Naidu talks to us about the tournament and how it was planned. He also talks about the details he took care of and how being a player changes the things you organize in a tournament.

Video: ChessBase India
Interview by Aditya Sur Roy
Drone Shots courtesy: Ekagra Chess Academy

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  1. Sandeep Sir's dedication requires huge admiration from the chess community. Hats off to you Sir

  2. One of the Best chess tournaments in India, with the biggest trophies and prize money!!

  3. Kudos to our Ekagra team for pulling off a big one !! Much love and respect Sandeep Sir ❤

  4. It's a great initiative to encourage the young players
    Prizes are awesome kuddos to team

  5. Great tournament! Kudos to Sandeep Naidu and entire Ekagra Team!! My son Mudassir is eligible for B-1600 but his flight is on 26-8-22 to USA. He played Open and enjoyed alot. I as a Chess Lover applied leave in office and enjoyed the event like a festival. Sometimes one Arbiter restrict me to enter the tournament hall where players were played. But I entered the arena and enjoyed all boards right from bottom to top for five days. Next time please provide passes to chess lovers like me to watch the games and enjoyed.

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