HUGE WIN (World Chess Championship)

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  1. Ding got dinged by Ian. Nice!!

  2. Levyy could you please analyse i show speed playing chess!!?

  3. This game is gonna mentally affect Ding Liren a lot. And Ian will get a massive confidence boost

  4. 16:36 Correction: He opened up the position for the dawg* in Ian Nepomniachtchi

  5. Levy I understand the importance of this events for the chess world, but I strongly believe everyone knows this is a race for the second place world chess champion. All due respect for these amazing players, but I can’t lie to myself by saying this is as intriguing as an actual historical chess moment like Nepo and Carlsen game 6

  6. Wow, I'm really impressed by both of them. Even coming against engine preparation, they are still able to come with the best moves, essentially fighting against an engine during the opening.
    That was a really nice game ! I hope Ding can bounce back next game

  7. Disgusting from Ding. He doesn't deserve to be playing in the world chess championship…. Should have found a better replacement for Karjakin

  8. Loved the recap. Insane stuff from Nepo. What a win.

  9. "It's like a movie moment" Levy Rozman 2023

  10. I miss the days when Levi would just say THE ROOOK and not overembellish it :'(

  11. I always what gothamchess because he gives so good explainations of the master game which I would never understand

  12. Who ever wins this… we will forever think of them as the second best in 2023. Damn you magnus😅😅😅

  13. Oh, when he plays h3, it's a God move, but when I do it I lose. Tssh

  14. thanks for spoiling in title, very classy as expected from gothamchess

  15. But why is it that GMs winning with black is becoming the next trend?

  16. I play that move all the time…yeah but you are 400…. that was mean 🙁

  17. why ian doesnt have russian flag next to his name

  18. Ding is a great guy… but he’s NOT Magnus… not even close

  19. This is my favourite series. Love to see how the best of the best play! Ty for making those videos Levy <333

  20. Yo Gotham use a reusable cup for your coffee

  21. Can we please stop hearing about why Magnus isn’t playing? This is turning into a great championship. Who cares why Magnus isn’t here. He had his turn —maybe didn’t play because he had such a tough time that he didn’t want to risk losing this time.

  22. Levy, for the next chess world championship, you should work on marketing each candidate months in advance with their most savage games, their history, and their narrative, to draw more views when the day of the WCC comes.

  23. Levy, please fix the wall behind you… I think your mods think I’m spam, I’m not. Behind you upper mid way up the wall, there are 2 black screws, or nails, they’re dots is all I’m saying… please fix them, because I fixate on them all game… this is the legit 38th time I’ve posted a comment about this… hence why you might think I’m spam… I was human spam… please fix

  24. I think that because Magnus played basically perfectly last championship and wiped the floor with Nepo, we saw Nepo as just another guy who emerged from the cluster of tier 2 players to lose to Magnus. That’s not the case. Nepo is, and has been a special player. He’s been the #2 player in the world for quite some time and I suspect in many other eras he’d be the decisive best player. Nepo is an absolute beast, he just has the misfortune of playing in an era with possibly the greatest player ever. I do believe Ding is the 3rd best player in the world today, but I just don’t think he has what it takes to outlast Ian in this championship. Nepo will never be the best alive, but I believe he is a top 10 player ever and a will be a deserving world chess champion.

  25. The preparation with Rapport is showing through in Ding’s play imo. Ding is still playing like he usually does stylistically, but seems just a bit more daring, and eclectic so far, and I like that. The chess world would be a lot more fun if everyone played a little bit more like Rapport.

  26. I came here coz I watched a video of another YouTuber (Luison, for the spanish speakers) who was absolutely outraged because of Ding's h3 (that, and the fact that both chairs were empty most of the time).
    Levy wasn't as outspoken but you could feel a slight "what the heck, man??" vibe ,lol.

  27. “It’s Ding Liren from china and Ian Nepomnaiatchi from Russia” seems like the start of a political joke

  28. We're still at the beginning but between qualifier and this game. Ian is strongly demonstrating he is the second best chess player in the world

  29. At 1:36, gotham said game 4, but i think he meant 2, was this a mistake
    gotham very rarely makes mistakes in videos so im not sure

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