HUGE WIN (World Chess Championship)

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  1. i tuned in to this game live after ding lost 36 minutes and was down half an hour, and its shocking to see he was once up that half an hour. amazing game

  2. "Before I let you go about your day" yeah like I dont already have 6 Tabs with other Gotham videos open.

  3. Wow, Ian just became brutal.

  4. Note for Gotham chess. Ian is playing under the FIDE flag. You did not mention it once. I think you are shifting your political standing in the wrong direction. I am an older audience for you, however, I purchased two course already – I like your way of teaching, you are natural. Stop pandering to the ruzzki audience and you will be just fine.

  5. Where is match 3, Gotham?! What am I supposed to watch while I'm eating…

  6. Oh wow, completely forgot that the World Championship was even happening…..It's a bit like the World Cup bronze medal match isn't it

  7. I've got a feeling that Nepo will clap Ding Dong Ching Chong how Magnoos clapped Ian Hippomniachtchi in previous WCC.

  8. I actually found 2 better moves than their

  9. Hi levy! Your my idol and I really want to be like you! I’m called “chess10xoxo” and I would love you to see my latest game against “OscarBasse” and it would be amazing if you would review on your channel! I am 10 and confidently trying to get my dreams! I hit a block and I am stuck at a rating of 600! Anyway can you please review my game on your channel! If so,thank you so much!

  10. I cannot stress this enough: There will NEVER be a Chinese world champion. Ding shouldn't even be allowed to play anyway. How can they ban Sergey Karjakin while Chicom Ding doesn't have to denounce his government for all their BS? Nobody is even talking about the Uyghurs, and that's not even the half of it.

  11. I can relate to Ding a lot. I played in a tournament and threw two games where I was completely winning against people 400 points higher rated than me.

  12. I didn’t know Levy could be this bad at chess.

  13. I returned at home after a long shift, i lay in bed and started to watch this video. After I well I fell asleep. It was so nice. I was dreaming that I was on an island, awaiter gave me a nice a drink and a beautiful lady wave at me. After a while I heard somebody screaming: THE ROOOOOK!! I woke up with my hearth beating so fucking fast.

  14. No stare today that's a different variant of stare in itself

  15. Levy casually violating his viewers: 3:20
    “ yea, but you're 400 ” 💀🤣🤣 I always find this funny. Also h3 is crazy man that really is chess drama💀

  16. Levy when are you going to buy an abandoned textile mill and build a chess studio, tournament center?

  17. Hi man i love when you just make videos on good damn chess without clickbaiting or smth, please make more of it and people will start to appreciate with time ✌️😜

  18. maybe if he didnt spend hours on a chair ding might hv had time advantage

  19. everyones focused on the game but am captivated by that smooth sponsor segway.

  20. Day one of asking levy for a endgame course on chessly

  21. I don’t think it’s as much magnus isn’t playing as it is, the world champion isn’t defending so it doesn’t feel like a real world championship. At least for me.

  22. INSANE WIN!!! For Gothams Sub count

  23. I knew after watching Ding`s game 1 interview that he has already lost the entire championship. His mind is all wrong.

  24. People that say Ian can’t be a real champ cuz he didn’t play with Magnus are kinda dumb. Karpov became a champ without playing with Fisher (he refused to play) but still held the title for 10 years, nobody could outplay him until Kasparov appeared. Nobody treated Karpov like a fake champion

  25. Gotham I downloaded honey and the next time I took a queen I got a discount and took his rook

  26. 11:46 btw that pereira knockout – happy to hear im not the only chess player following the rivalry

  27. 19:25 I guess more interest in weak games is quite reasonable, since knowledge from that analysis gives more than this one at least for low level players which most of us are. But these recaps are also great, I hope I have not just pure inspiration from them.

  28. Thank you for throwing in that Rapport and Ding are working together, that is actually really cool! I'm a big fan of Rapport so excited to see more chaotic games in this WCC

  29. Wow this game was rough for Ding. He had such a nice position and lost it all in a matter of like 2-3 moves… Chess is hard…..

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