Hutch and Hikaru Nakamura Win A Duos Chess Tournament!

This was a Twitch Rivals chess event called “Hand and Brain.” Simple concept. The brain (Hikaru) picks which piece to move and the hand (Hutch) picks where to move it. This was my 3rd appearance in a grand finals of a Twitch chess tournament and the first time that I finally won. Was a LOT of fun.

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  1. Hutch i still remember seeing you playing chess on the floor with fans when you were at cons for machinima a decade ago. You're an inspiration and i appreciate that you're still putting out content for everyone.

  2. I love the chess content. I wanna see you get even better!

  3. I’d be very happy to see more chess content here. it’s amazing to see how much you can improve just by watching someone play.

  4. holy shit the like/dislike ratio!!! @Hutch

  5. At 21:11, Hikaru looks disappointed that Hutch didn't take on g6 but if he had, the game was a draw as the new queen wouldn't of covered blacks queening diagonal.

  6. Good job lol I was getting nervous for you. I can't imagine being under that much pressure with Hikaru

  7. lol… you saw the rook move he makes in that position hikaru. why risk a draw like that?

  8. I love how I always see Hutch's move and go "yup exactly what I'd play good choice Hutch" and then it zooms in on Hikaru absolutely losing his mind

  9. Yes I want more chess content, especially when you get lessons

  10. I would love it if we had the inverse in the next tournament, with the hand being gms and stuff

  11. Damn hutch. I remember watching you loads back in Mw2 days, and now, with my new addiction, chess, watching a video with hikaru I see your familiari face!!!!! Happy to see your doing well, looking forward to watching you more for the chess/nostalgia!!

  12. This is actually quite funny watching his facial expressions.

  13. Does Hikaru go over these games with you after because id love some context into his thought process

  14. 9:10 not sure what hikaru wanted there, d5 and then what? I know d5 is thematic in these kinds of positions but what after takes for example?

  15. This was funny, I wonder if hikaru used some mind telepathy at 5:34 thooo

  16. What happens if the player is in check but the brain says a move that doesn't work because it doesn't move the king out of the way or give an option to block or stop the check would that be checkmate?

    I doubt it would happen but if it did that would be interesting

  17. i cried after he missed that first checkmate

  18. I want to see more deep analysis when Hikaru was disappointed. I would love to see his intention.

  19. Why is Hutch playing with an engine? That’s cheating…

  20. Always loved the chess content and I was waiting for the day it would come back! Even just some 1v1 content or a road to 1500/1600 series.

  21. Hikaru+1 win a Chess Duo Chess Tournament

  22. That endgame was clutch, there were so many moments where it was really natural to go wrong

  23. this is awesome! must feel amazing playing with him and WINNING such a cool friend to have

  24. Why are there no vods from the actual event stream anywhere??

  25. I love the chess content hutch back on chess grind

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